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Friday, February 25, 2011

The End.

My stress level basically forced me to abandon my job. I have had enough. Not much else to say.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Just a Bit Awkward

I picked up an XXXXXX guy from a strip club.

He was very hard to understand and did not speak English very well. We were able to communicate and I was on my way to take him to his Semi-Trailer by the XXXXXX.

He was leaning over his seat towards me (a little too close for comfort but he seemed OK) when he put his hand on my leg. It seemed like more of a friendly gesture rather than a sexual one. I removed his hand and didn't really say anything about it. I thought maybe this was acceptable behaviour in his country. He did not do that again.

He then started talking and all I really understood was blow job and sex. I thought he was propositioning me to be on either the giving or receiving end of those activities, especially after the hand on the leg incident.

I finally figure out that he wants a prostitute (thankfully it was not what I was originally thinking). So he tells me where to go (more less). It was as simple as any hooker pick up. A girl standing on the corner, he picked her up right in front of a cop at XXXXXX and it ended up being $100 to fuck. The first gas station was out of condoms so he tried another.

As a side note the weather was roughly -25 degrees Celsius and I was actually surprised that women were still working the streets. I guess they really don't have to wait outside very long because the demand is so high.

Got him and his hooker back to his Big-Rig and never saw them again.

He was more, mmmm , enough about this post.

Friday, February 18, 2011


I likely would have driven you home for free instead of you driving home drunk. What did you expect me to do? Have one of my co-workers get killed in the process of you driving yourself home drunk?

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I commented on this site "Johnny you had it all planned out man, I set up a time call for you to get picked up in the morning from your place to take you to work. I assumed you were planning on taking a cab home but after seeing you drunk at the Stone and driving home to the West Side and swerving into the oncoming lane and almost hitting a parked vehicle on the opposite side of the street that you were driving on I had no choice.

Sorry bro but that was YOUR DECISION to DRIVE HOME DRUNK. Good luck man.

I really feel bad because you mentioned you were a mechanic and you will likely lose your job over this and perhaps not even qualify to be a corrections officer.

I gave you every opportunity to take a cab and I likely would have just drove you home as a friend had you called and asked for me, even though I only met you that night.

Do not take the chance and call a friend or family member or take a cab, even the bus at certain times".


I know (well I have never met him but I feel like I know him) a fellow blogger all the way in Fredericton New Brunswick that has basically started driving a taxi and blogging about it a few years ago because his daughter was killed by a drunk driver. I wish I had such a noble cause for doing this job but I do not. Check his site out at

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

No more posts for at least a month from now,

I need to reduce my stress level and this is just not doing it for me.

Please check back in a month or two. I will not even be checking my email so don't even bother, I need a break from this internet bullshit.

Check back later.

The Crack Smoking Tranny Hooker

Don't ask me how I get myself into these situations, especially on a day off. I decided to drive downtown to get some off sale and have a few drinks when this woman/man (whom was known to me) asked for a ride.

I said if the place was still open for off sale sure, if not too bad.

Well they were open and I got what I wanted and decided to give this person a ride to the North side, which I have done previously in a taxi so I thought nothing of it.

Well I guess he/she decided she was going to get some crack and had to find his/her (from now on "her") cell phone, she came back to my truck and asked me to wait a couple of  minutes because I said previously said that she had five minutes and I was leaving. That five minutes was up and she came back just in time because I was about to leave.

So she did not find her cell phone and came into my truck with a portable phone and called her crack dealer on the phone. The plan was to meet at the XXXXXX in ten minutes. I drove there and parked on the street and was starting to get impatient when she decided to go inside the hotel and use the front desk phone to call her dealer.

She asked me to pull into the alley around back and I felt very uneasy about this but did it anyway. I spotted her dealer standing beside a large garbage bin. The deal was made quickly. I offerered this woman a ride home and she asked if she could smoke the crack in my truck. I declined and offered her the ride home. She said if I let her smoke a hit she would get off here. I said fine and have never seen anyone smoke crack before and it was an intriguing experience, to say the least.

She pulled out the pipe and put the "rock" in it's place and I gave her my lighter she tilted her head back at first and lit the crack up and gradually started letting her head down and did not exhale until all of the crack was fully consumed.

She kept telling me that she wanted to suck my cock and kept trying to fondle me. I said I was only interested in taking her where she wanted to go. Let's not forget that this woman is actually a guy.

I take her to the North side after I surprisingly let her smoke crack in my truck, just to see the process I guess.

That's enough about that. XXXXXX XXXXXX XXXXXX XXXXXX XXXXXX Ecstasy XXXXXX.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Police Chases

I do not like to criticize the Police in Lethbridge but I have to rant about this:

Related to this

I believe that the Lethbridge Police give up too early on chases with dangerous drivers/offenders. What ever happened to the precision immobilization technique (P.I.T.) maneuver. I realize we are not in the states and maybe I watch too much television.

Oh the guy swerved into the ditch and managed to keep going, well lets call off the chase. Maybe when they kill someone we might be able to stop them, if they decide to pull over. If they don't then I guess we will try to catch them another day.

Well the police gave up on this driver and he later robbed a gas station in his stolen vehicle. What would the police have to say if one of these employees was killed during the robbery? Oh our cars can't go that fast or we were too tired to chase him. I realize it could be in the publics interest not to pursue certain drivers but the 500 block of 43 Street in the industrial area, there is very little risk to the public to pursue in this area. I guess by backing off you said to this guy "yeah feel free to do what ever you want in your stolen vehicle" and he did just that and robbed a gas station and allegedly caused bodily harm to one of the employees. It's ridiculous.

I say stop these criminals in their tracks and not wait for another day. Get tougher on chases where a person will not stop, there is clearly a reason for them not doing so. Deploy some spike strips or something.

I believe the current situation in Lethbridge is to evade the police as fast as you can because they will call off the chase and you will be free to do whatever you want to do, including robbing gas stations, etc.

This must change.

Thanks for eventually catching this guy.

It Looked Like a Homicide Scene

Except their was no homicide.

Updated Link of the press release. I am not "allowed" to post this information so see it here...

From my understanding of the article it was group beating (7  Vs. 2 ). No information was released about the cause or instigation of the assualt.

I went to this downtown restaurant to get a customer and the police were everywhere. I was following the ambulance into the parking lot when it stopped and started reversing, I stepped on the gas and made sure to avoid getting hit while looking for my customer.

It appeared that they did not have the scene taped off so I decided to go inside. There was blood everywhere. Blood was all over the South East part of the store, it was smeared all over the wall and everywhere on the floor. There was blood spatter and blood drops all over the entire area. It was a really fucked up scene and I was surprised I was able to just walk in.

I believe what happened was that a small brawl took place in the restaurant. Eventually I saw at least two people in custody and it appeared as though a mother of one of the "victims" had eventually picked up her son and friends. The one guys shirt was ripped so badly I was surprised he was still wearing it and the other guy was pretty bloody and he definitely got a couple of shots to the face.

People were still eating their burgers in the far side of the restaurant and did not seem to care at all of what was happening in the restaurant (with the police and ems). I was probably still able to place an order as they appeared to still be open and likely could have eaten in one of the bloody booths if I wanted to.

I hope none of the blood contained any Hepatitis C because that would be a double whammy for this place if anyone contracted that blood-blood disease.

I would have liked to show a picture of the inside of the restaurant but I did not want my camera being seized again.

Friday, February 11, 2011

People With Mobility Issues Can Have a Really Hard Time Getting Around Lethbridge

I have seen a couple of situations recently that have saddened me.

The first was the other day near the Enmax center on the road leading to the College. It seemed quite obvious to me that a man in an electric powered wheelchair was having troubles (he was stuck in the snow on the side of the road) and after watching 5-7 vehicles pass him without any regard I stopped in the street and asked him if he was ok. He said he was stuck. I immediately pulled over and it seemed as though another woman had already done the same and was walking towards him.

He said he was trying to get to the bus loop at the College to catch the bus. The woman and I managed to get him unstuck and he kept trying to travel forward but only one of his wheels was getting any traction and he kept sliding into the snowbank. I suggested that he use the sidewalk on the other side of the street because it appeared to be shoveled and was much less dangerous than driving his wheelchair against somewhat heavy oncoming traffic (from people leaving the Hurricanes Game) where cars were swerving to avoid him. He mentioned that the sidewalk was not an option because once he got to the end there was no ramp for him to get off the sidewalk.

I kind of doubt that there would not be a ramp at the end of the sidewalk but I am sure he would know more about that than I would. After he was unstuck there was not much more we could do to help him and he seemed to be continuing on his way. To the five - seven cars (at least that I saw) that drove past this person in front of me you should be ashamed of yourselves for not offering some help. It was clear that he was stuck and all you did was swerve around him in a hurry to get yourselves to where you were going.

On the same night I believe I was driving along Fourth Avenue near 6th Street and noticed a person lying in the crosswalk. It appeared that she had fallen while using her walker to cross the street. I slowed down to see if that was the case or not and it appeared as though a female bus driver and another random citizen were trying to help her back up but it did not seem to be going that well. I parked right away and was going to offer some help but it appeared that they had gotten her back on her feet so I stayed in the car.

Please if any of you ever see someone struggling on the side of the road that clearly has a disability or mobility issue please be more compassionate and offer a hand. I couldn't believe how many people just drove by the guy at the Enmax center, I wonder how many others had that I didn't see.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

I Knew Your Were Trouble From The Start

So I get a trip at this taco place and I was assuming it was going to be a normal fare, maybe a staff member going home as I was led to believe. Well it wasn't.

I see three females walking towards me and I thought I recognized the one and almost drove off right then and there but I could not be sure so I gave them the benefit of the doubt and let them in the car. The one girl told me that she worked there and I doubted that right away because I was overwhelmed with the wretched smell of liquor, Lysol, and Listerine, and or a combination of those substances.

I was immediately suspicious because this woman had lied to me about working there, I am sure of it.

So they tell me where they want to go. I kept the light on and told them that it was going to be around $13 and asked for that amount. The one woman pipes up "No it is not going to be that much, it is only around $10. I said fine and asked for the $10.

It became the classic "oh we have the money what you don't trust us, are you racist", I said I didn't mean any offence but that I needed the money first. The one woman asked the other to pay this XXXXXX his $10. She was looking through her purse and I knew none of them had it. One woman pipes up "I have a bank card", I said to the effect that would not do and I needed cash. I was asking them to leave when one woman opened her door and started pestering another woman to come talk to her. The woman was with her children and was wise not to respond because I am quite sure she was just trying to get money out of her.

So after waiting a considerable amount of time and no one was even looking to see if they had any money (likely because they knew they did not) I said it's either $10 or get out. The one woman pipes up about how I am on her land and that she is going to kill me and all the classic racist comments. I am surprised that she said she was going to kill me over not giving her a ride and I really should have escalated this situation to a police level at this point because she had threatened to kill me and I take that very seriously.

I forgot to mention that I ended up remembering this woman from a similar previous encounter and a very similar argument about having to go to the XXXXXX, which they were not going to this time, but her residual piss from her pants had upset my next passenger and ended my night.

"Drunken Bums" post.

I am sure she must do this shit all the time because she mentioned a few things that I now know to look out for from getting ripped off in similar situations and I was amazed at her audacity to ask me to call her a different cab from another company. They ended up going back into the taco place and I sure the staff was not happy to have them back.

I am sure most of you know that liquor can mess you up pretty good, but really stay away from the Listerine and the Lysol.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Some very cool photos of Lethbridge from a local photographer.

Courtesy of Danny Ponomar

Do YOU know where this is (the picture below)? If you travel around Lethbridge you have seen it plenty of times, perhaps not like this.



Yeah I guess that sums it up with zero understanding of what happened. I am suprised at your response after you found the XXXXXX and did what you did.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Driving a drunk Woman home

I believe that I was waiting outside of  XXXXXX when you asked for a ride. I said it was fine and you introduced yourself as XXXXXX and said that you were waiting for your friends. A short time later your friends got in the car and you asked me if I wanted a bite of your hot dog and you were wondering why it cost you $4.00 for a hot dog. Your friends ended up mentioning that you were hitting on the “homeless bald hot dog stand guy”, it was funny. Also this guy is not homeless and probably brings in 80K a year from drunk people looking for a hot dog.

I thought you were cute and was asking where you were going. Someone mentioned XXXXXX Place West. I started driving there and you would not stop asking me if I wanted a bite of your hot dog basically the entire trip. To be honest it was quite annoying every time you asked me to take a bite of you half eaten hot dog (around 15 times).

Never the less I thought you were cute and we were chatting about the University and you mentioned you were a XXXXXX major.You mentioned the restaurant XXXXXX and we sort of planned a date there but I knew you were doing tequila shooters or whatever so I just went with the flow.

You wanted to make out with me on numerous occasions and even invited me into your place at the end of the trip and I was definitely down with that but I do not take advantage of anyone, EVER, And this seemed to be one of those situations where I have the fiduciary duty to protect my passengers (YOU) , I would have liked to at least give you a kiss on the cheek (and I should have), especially after all of the interesting bondage conversation that we had, that you had convinced me of being a hobby of mine.

I am not going to lie and say that I did not find you very attractive, especially in your very revealing black dress but I have a strong inclination that you will not remember me at all, and that is fine. XXXXXX XXXXXX XXXXXX XXXXXX XXXXXX XXXXXX XXXXXX

I Remember When...

I hear many "Remember When" stories after picking people up from the bar and I am going to start posting more of them because after reading over my last few posts it really is kind of depressing what I have written about recently. You may have had to be there to understand the humor in it all but I try my best to describe.


"I remember when you used to carry around a plastic bag full of rocks when you were out walking your dog so your neighbors would believe that you were actually picking up your dogs shit, which you were not, lol". "Yeah have you ever picked up warm dog shit with a thin plastic bag, I sure fooled them with my bag of rocks".

"I remember when "XXXXXX" passed out on the street and we paid that hooker $30 to pee on him and she did"

"I remember when... more to come.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

A sad story retold in the first person as I remember it being told to me

When the cab arrived I got in and told the driver where I was going. I was pretty drunk because I really don't drink that often and asked if I could smoke a joint in the car if I rolled the window down. The driver said no.

I don't know why but I started telling the driver about the time my grandfather, who was like a father to me because he basically raised me, had died in a car crash.

I remember moments before the crash seeing a red car and there was no way to avoid it and my grandpa swerved and took the brunt of the impact on his side of the vehicle. I remember the EMS was working on him and had given me hope that he was still alive but I knew he was already dead and was trying to block out the scene in my mind.

My family was blaming me for his death because I was begging for him to give me a ride to school that day and he did not want to because there was a blizzard. After my persistent request for a ride to school my grandpa decided to give me the ride and my family believed that if it were not for me wanting a ride to school that day he would still be alive.

I couldn't handle the stress of watching my grandpa die before my eyes and my family was blaming me for his death and that same day, Jan 1st 2008, I decided to try and kill myself. I was in my house and had the rope tied around my neck and was standing on the chair when my brother knocked on the door. I told him to go away but he would not take no for an answer and I finally took the rope off from around my neck and stepped off the chair to go smoke a joint with him outside and talk to him about what happened.

There is not a day that goes by in my life that I don't think about what happened and after overdosing three times on the prescribed medication I was given my psychologist and attorney agreed that I should just smoke weed so that is what I do now.

I don't have a prescription but I used to be in a gang so I have some good hookups, I basically just call up my old buddies and say I need an eighth on credit and I get hooked up no problem.

This is the place thanks for the ride man.


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