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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Police Chases

I do not like to criticize the Police in Lethbridge but I have to rant about this:

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I believe that the Lethbridge Police give up too early on chases with dangerous drivers/offenders. What ever happened to the precision immobilization technique (P.I.T.) maneuver. I realize we are not in the states and maybe I watch too much television.

Oh the guy swerved into the ditch and managed to keep going, well lets call off the chase. Maybe when they kill someone we might be able to stop them, if they decide to pull over. If they don't then I guess we will try to catch them another day.

Well the police gave up on this driver and he later robbed a gas station in his stolen vehicle. What would the police have to say if one of these employees was killed during the robbery? Oh our cars can't go that fast or we were too tired to chase him. I realize it could be in the publics interest not to pursue certain drivers but the 500 block of 43 Street in the industrial area, there is very little risk to the public to pursue in this area. I guess by backing off you said to this guy "yeah feel free to do what ever you want in your stolen vehicle" and he did just that and robbed a gas station and allegedly caused bodily harm to one of the employees. It's ridiculous.

I say stop these criminals in their tracks and not wait for another day. Get tougher on chases where a person will not stop, there is clearly a reason for them not doing so. Deploy some spike strips or something.

I believe the current situation in Lethbridge is to evade the police as fast as you can because they will call off the chase and you will be free to do whatever you want to do, including robbing gas stations, etc.

This must change.

Thanks for eventually catching this guy.

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