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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Just a Bit Awkward

I picked up an XXXXXX guy from a strip club.

He was very hard to understand and did not speak English very well. We were able to communicate and I was on my way to take him to his Semi-Trailer by the XXXXXX.

He was leaning over his seat towards me (a little too close for comfort but he seemed OK) when he put his hand on my leg. It seemed like more of a friendly gesture rather than a sexual one. I removed his hand and didn't really say anything about it. I thought maybe this was acceptable behaviour in his country. He did not do that again.

He then started talking and all I really understood was blow job and sex. I thought he was propositioning me to be on either the giving or receiving end of those activities, especially after the hand on the leg incident.

I finally figure out that he wants a prostitute (thankfully it was not what I was originally thinking). So he tells me where to go (more less). It was as simple as any hooker pick up. A girl standing on the corner, he picked her up right in front of a cop at XXXXXX and it ended up being $100 to fuck. The first gas station was out of condoms so he tried another.

As a side note the weather was roughly -25 degrees Celsius and I was actually surprised that women were still working the streets. I guess they really don't have to wait outside very long because the demand is so high.

Got him and his hooker back to his Big-Rig and never saw them again.

He was more, mmmm , enough about this post.

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