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Thursday, February 10, 2011

I Knew Your Were Trouble From The Start

So I get a trip at this taco place and I was assuming it was going to be a normal fare, maybe a staff member going home as I was led to believe. Well it wasn't.

I see three females walking towards me and I thought I recognized the one and almost drove off right then and there but I could not be sure so I gave them the benefit of the doubt and let them in the car. The one girl told me that she worked there and I doubted that right away because I was overwhelmed with the wretched smell of liquor, Lysol, and Listerine, and or a combination of those substances.

I was immediately suspicious because this woman had lied to me about working there, I am sure of it.

So they tell me where they want to go. I kept the light on and told them that it was going to be around $13 and asked for that amount. The one woman pipes up "No it is not going to be that much, it is only around $10. I said fine and asked for the $10.

It became the classic "oh we have the money what you don't trust us, are you racist", I said I didn't mean any offence but that I needed the money first. The one woman asked the other to pay this XXXXXX his $10. She was looking through her purse and I knew none of them had it. One woman pipes up "I have a bank card", I said to the effect that would not do and I needed cash. I was asking them to leave when one woman opened her door and started pestering another woman to come talk to her. The woman was with her children and was wise not to respond because I am quite sure she was just trying to get money out of her.

So after waiting a considerable amount of time and no one was even looking to see if they had any money (likely because they knew they did not) I said it's either $10 or get out. The one woman pipes up about how I am on her land and that she is going to kill me and all the classic racist comments. I am surprised that she said she was going to kill me over not giving her a ride and I really should have escalated this situation to a police level at this point because she had threatened to kill me and I take that very seriously.

I forgot to mention that I ended up remembering this woman from a similar previous encounter and a very similar argument about having to go to the XXXXXX, which they were not going to this time, but her residual piss from her pants had upset my next passenger and ended my night.

"Drunken Bums" post.

I am sure she must do this shit all the time because she mentioned a few things that I now know to look out for from getting ripped off in similar situations and I was amazed at her audacity to ask me to call her a different cab from another company. They ended up going back into the taco place and I sure the staff was not happy to have them back.

I am sure most of you know that liquor can mess you up pretty good, but really stay away from the Listerine and the Lysol.

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Dawn said...

So I'm basically just going through your blog in it's entirety now. It's very interesting stuff! And pretty neat, if it is in fact all in Lethbridge. Now, I must say, I feel bad that you seem to have gotten shit for calling them out on their bull. Call me racist, but hey, it's exactly this sort of stuff that makes me weary of them. I've seen them fall down clearly intoxicated in the middle of the sidewalk or park and just lay there. In broad daylight, no less. What's worse? They always have an air of being better than 'white' people. Now don't get me wrong, I have met some of these people that were genuinely amazing. Loved them to bits. But, as I've said, I've seen enough of the sort of behaviour you spoke of to know to be weary of them. Sorry about the rant!


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