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Sunday, February 6, 2011

I Remember When...

I hear many "Remember When" stories after picking people up from the bar and I am going to start posting more of them because after reading over my last few posts it really is kind of depressing what I have written about recently. You may have had to be there to understand the humor in it all but I try my best to describe.


"I remember when you used to carry around a plastic bag full of rocks when you were out walking your dog so your neighbors would believe that you were actually picking up your dogs shit, which you were not, lol". "Yeah have you ever picked up warm dog shit with a thin plastic bag, I sure fooled them with my bag of rocks".

"I remember when "XXXXXX" passed out on the street and we paid that hooker $30 to pee on him and she did"

"I remember when... more to come.

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