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Friday, February 18, 2011


I likely would have driven you home for free instead of you driving home drunk. What did you expect me to do? Have one of my co-workers get killed in the process of you driving yourself home drunk?

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I commented on this site "Johnny you had it all planned out man, I set up a time call for you to get picked up in the morning from your place to take you to work. I assumed you were planning on taking a cab home but after seeing you drunk at the Stone and driving home to the West Side and swerving into the oncoming lane and almost hitting a parked vehicle on the opposite side of the street that you were driving on I had no choice.

Sorry bro but that was YOUR DECISION to DRIVE HOME DRUNK. Good luck man.

I really feel bad because you mentioned you were a mechanic and you will likely lose your job over this and perhaps not even qualify to be a corrections officer.

I gave you every opportunity to take a cab and I likely would have just drove you home as a friend had you called and asked for me, even though I only met you that night.

Do not take the chance and call a friend or family member or take a cab, even the bus at certain times".


I know (well I have never met him but I feel like I know him) a fellow blogger all the way in Fredericton New Brunswick that has basically started driving a taxi and blogging about it a few years ago because his daughter was killed by a drunk driver. I wish I had such a noble cause for doing this job but I do not. Check his site out at

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Anonymous said...

Don't worry about Johnny - he looks after himself and has always left others in his wake picking up the pieces. There are many reasons he wants his private life private.


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