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Sunday, February 13, 2011

It Looked Like a Homicide Scene

Except their was no homicide.

Updated Link of the press release. I am not "allowed" to post this information so see it here...

From my understanding of the article it was group beating (7  Vs. 2 ). No information was released about the cause or instigation of the assualt.

I went to this downtown restaurant to get a customer and the police were everywhere. I was following the ambulance into the parking lot when it stopped and started reversing, I stepped on the gas and made sure to avoid getting hit while looking for my customer.

It appeared that they did not have the scene taped off so I decided to go inside. There was blood everywhere. Blood was all over the South East part of the store, it was smeared all over the wall and everywhere on the floor. There was blood spatter and blood drops all over the entire area. It was a really fucked up scene and I was surprised I was able to just walk in.

I believe what happened was that a small brawl took place in the restaurant. Eventually I saw at least two people in custody and it appeared as though a mother of one of the "victims" had eventually picked up her son and friends. The one guys shirt was ripped so badly I was surprised he was still wearing it and the other guy was pretty bloody and he definitely got a couple of shots to the face.

People were still eating their burgers in the far side of the restaurant and did not seem to care at all of what was happening in the restaurant (with the police and ems). I was probably still able to place an order as they appeared to still be open and likely could have eaten in one of the bloody booths if I wanted to.

I hope none of the blood contained any Hepatitis C because that would be a double whammy for this place if anyone contracted that blood-blood disease.

I would have liked to show a picture of the inside of the restaurant but I did not want my camera being seized again.


Anonymous said...

This was not GANG RELATED whatsoever and ur only ASSUMING it was race-related. You really have no clue and should make sure you try to publish SOMEWHAT truthful information, or what is the point of even having such a blog if you're not informing the community accurately? Any asshole could make shit up... really.

taxiguy said...

I am not trying to inform the commiunity of any accurate information what so ever. Take this blog for what it is worth, some random person writing.

You are right and I changed the term Gang to Group.

I guess I will have to fire my editor for that one.

I am an asshole and I never try to make shit up.

I am not trying to inform the community or anyone. I appreciate your comment only for the fact that I was mistaken, not for anything else.

Really one mistaken word and you go off on me like this? Yeah fuck you too.


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