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Monday, September 29, 2008

Mr. John

I get a call to a residence.

Me: "How are you doing tonight?"

Him: "Good, do you smoke crack?" (I can not believe that would be the first question someone would ask me, a complete stranger)

Me: "No!"

Him: "Oh, (long pause)... me neither"

Me: "Well that's good, crack is bad for you."

Him: "I bought $60 worth of crack tonight and only got one hit"

Me: "That sucks (thinking; not another crack head)".

Him: "But it was worth it, as soon as she smoked she got completely naked"

He proceeded to tell me about his crack head life and the crack whores he obviously knows quite well. I have no respect for these people and he thought he was king shit because some crack whore he paid got naked for him. Lethbridge Alberta

Hooker gives herself an orgasm.

I received a call behind a restaurant at 3:40am. I arrive and wait a few minutes.

Suddenly a known cock sucking crack whore comes walking down the alley and I let her in the car. She needs to get some crack. I take her to where the crack is (her dealer) and she returns back to the same place.

While on the way back to the restaurant she starts moaning. Her moans progressively start getting louder.

"hmmmmmmmmmm, ahhhhhhhhhhhh, ohhhhhhhhhh, ooooooohhhhhhhh, oooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh"

She asked me if I heard anything. I told her that she was moaning and she said that all guys can subconsciously hear women having an orgasm. She proceeds to tell me "I just learned how to flex my muscles down there, you know?".

To be completely honest I was aroused by this crack whore who apparently gave herself an orgasm by flexing her pussy (whether I actually believe it or not is another story). So I have a boner and she wants her change. I keep change in my pockets. I flexed my hips upward to get better access to the money (as usual) and it was so very awkward.

I have driven this women a few times before and the next time I drive her I am going to pull over and pretend to have an orgasm myself (just for shits and giggles).

Suspicious Death

There was some action at the XXXXXX Bar tonight. At first there was an ambulance and two police cars. After the ambulance left the CSI van was on the scene. I believe it was the CSI van, it was an unmarked van and the last time I saw it was on the scene of the homicide on 5th Avenue North earlier this year. Later in the night a hearse was on the scene so I assume that someone had died.

If there were a homicide or suspicious death it does not surprise me at all that it happened at the XXXXXXs. What a scuzzy bar.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Asshole Drunk XXXXXX Gets His Beer Back

I pick up this XXXXXX couple from a house party and they want to go downtown.

Me: "Where downtown"?

Him: "Don't matter eh"

Me: "Ok downtown anywhere it is"

We arrive downtown and I pull over into a parking spot.

I should also mention today was welfare check day and the streets were lined with drunken XXXXXX, especially around the Lethbridge XXXXXX store area on 6th ave and 5th st.

Him: "this is to heat score, take us to the XXXXXX eh"

Me thinking: for fucks sakes, this is too heat score for you and the XXXXXX is not?

I drive two blocks to the XXXXXX and stop.

Him: "too much heat still eh, pull into the alley"

Me: "I don't think so, that will be $15.80"

She pays me and they get out and walk into the alley behind the XXXXXX. I looked in the back seat and he left a nearly full beer on the seat, just waiting to spill. He was pissed off I would not take him into the alley and I assumed he had intentionally left it there so when I drove off it would spill all over the place. I was upset at this point and grabbed the beer and drove down the alley and threw the beer at him and drove off. I guess what was meant for my back seat is now on your fat ass girlfriend you piece of shit.

My next call was to the XXXXXX which I declined because I was not about to go back there.


I received a call a couple of houses away from where a local transvestite lives. I arrive and 4 guys get in and are having a good time and heading off to the bar.

After some initial conversation I start driving and this is what was said;

Me: "So how do you feel about living so close to a transvestite?" (I have no idea what prompted me to say that and I admit it was a weird thing to say to someone you have never met)

Guy in the back seat: "What?, turn the radio off, did you hear what he just said? Say again what you just said!"

Me: "Yeah he lives lives a couple houses away from you, I was just wondering if you knew who he was, apparently the Alberta Government is subsidizing his "penis getting cut off" surgery because of his well being and what not."

Guy in the back seat: "Man that is so fucked up, thanks for sharing that story."

Another guy: "I was at a rave in BC a few weeks ago when some chick came up from behind me and put her hands around my hips and grabbed my cock. I was amazed and was dancing with her. I turned around and it was a guy in drag. I almost punched him out right then and there." He then mentioned "I thought about it and I was in his territory (the rave) and if I had beat him up then I would be the one who was frowned upon."

I heard a couple other tranny stories on our way to the bar and it was quite entertaining for all of us. What a weird cab ride. I do not normally instigate that type of conversation but I just could not resist and they seemed like the type that would accept my comment for what it was worth.

Monday, September 22, 2008

This was posted in the office today.

If you can not read the picture it says:

For all those who know there's something wrong with thier cars but have no clue what the problems are or how much they'll cost to fix, here's a chart from my mechanic's garage, along with prices:

Ping, Click, Ping $10
Clunk, Whir, Lunk $50
Thud, Clunk, Thud $100
I can't describe it $500

Friday, September 19, 2008

I love the dogs more than I love her.

It is strange how I try to remember my night fare by fare and adventure by adventure but often weird stories slip through my mind.

I went to an address on the North side tonight and this guy comes out and gives me a $100 and asks for $80 back. I comply and he says "I am sick of this shit, I am tired of paying for cab rides, get this bitch to where she has to go and $20 should cover it because she is only going near the hospital" and blah blah blah. I ask him what is going on and he says "I love the dogs more than my girlfriend and if she doesn't like it she can fuck off". I waited a few minutes with $20 in my hand when a woman comes to the cab carrying one puppy and another following her and tells me "we worked out our shit and I am so sorry for wasting your time, please give me $10 and keep the other ten for yourself".

I agreed and went on my way.


It either pisses me off or makes me laugh depending on the mood I am in. I can not understand how a person will call for a cab, wait for the cab, get in the cab and then ask me (the driver) "what are you up to tonight?" What the fuck do you think I am up to. I am clearly not riding a bike or watching a movie now am I?

Friday Night

Some random events;

I flagged four young women from a sports bar and they were off to a nightclub, which happened to be featuring Method Man and Redman. Right from the start of the trip the girls start telling each other about when they got their first period. One girl was like "I was barely 11 when I got my first one", and another girl said "you two have me beat I didn't get mine until I was fourteen". Then one says something like "when I started getting pubic hair and armpit hair I didn't know what to do so I asked my mom and she told me to shave it off". I was grinning big time because it was awkward conversation. I wanted to chat with these good looking young woman but what was I going to say? I should have said something like "you girls all have me beat, I still haven't gotten my first period". On second thought I am glad I didn't say that. The woman in the passenger seat noticed my grin and jokingly put her hands over my ears.

Do women often talk about the first time they had a period. Not likely. It would be like the boys hanging out talking about when we got our first boners (not that we care or even remember). I thought it was very strange.


I picked up a group of people from the University of Lethbridge. One of the girls gets in and sits beside me in the front middle seat.. We were waiting for her friends when she commented on my glasses. We exchanged glasses to see who's eyesight was worse. I told her my contact lens prescription was -6.00 and she told me hers was -4.00. She said "wow 2 point difference" and sounded genuinely amazed. She was flirting with me a bit until her friends came out. Once her friends were in the car and we were on the way to the pool hall she starts going off about her porno fetishes. This is my recollection of what she said "I like the rape porn, no I mean like the fantasy rape porn not the real rape porn. I also saw this one and the woman walks into the butcher's market and the woman fucks the guy in front of a dead cow, it was weird but it really turned me on. I am just so sick of the regular porn, the only time I can stand the regular stuff is if there is at least anal." I think both her friends and I were amazed at what was coming out of her mouth.

During the trip she asks me "did you just touch my leg?", I said "no my hands are on the steering wheel" and she says "well I wish you had".

We get to where they are going and everyone gets out but her. She asks me a couple of questions and I tell her that I am taking a few classes at the University as well. She seemed amazed and told me "I would totally give you my number but I am getting a new phone tomorrow". So she starts telling me where all of her classes are and where I could find her at the University at different times.

It was kind of a weird trip, but then again she was kind of drunk.


My last trip of the night was a quiet one. I pick up this guy at 3:40 AM from a house I am familiar with. I have never seen this guy before and there is little conversation. All of a sudden a crime stoppers report comes on over the FM radio and this guy starts giggling. His giggles progressively turned into laughter. I asked him what was so funny. Because of the crime stoppers report I thought that maybe he was involved in the theft or knew who was. While he is still laughing he tells me that he didn't remember why he was laughing and he thought it had something to do with rabbits. I could tell he had been smoking weed. From the way he was laughing he probably ate a few mushrooms too.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Randon Rant

During my tenure as a taxi cab driver I have noticed that there are many women who work the streets and make money as prostitutes. During the past few months I have seen different girls come and go. I wonder why some of the prostitutes are not around anymore. I believe that they rely on the cash they receive for sexual favours to sustain their lifestyle. So why do they leave? Were they arrested? Do they move on to different cities? Did they die? Were they killed? Did they move on to a better life? Are they taking a break? Are they in rehab? I am genuinely curious why the women I have seen working the streets just disappear.


I remember a couple of months ago six people were busted by an undercover police officer acting as a prostitute. Five of the six people's vehicles were impounded. I remember reading that the other guy posted a $27 thousand dollar bond in order to keep his vehicle (the value of the vehicle), it may have been a different amount. It amazes me how many people cheat on the ones they love the most. Whether they are married or not many of my customers are cheating on their loved ones.


I remember reading an article in the Calgary Sun September 14th, 2008 and from my interpretation and understanding of the article 4 young men got into a taxi. During the course of the ride an argument ensued and the cab came to a stop. The men took off on the taxi driver and for some reason the taxi driver decided to hit one of the kids and pinned him against a wall, killing him. That same night or the next day he took the bus to Edmonton, made a withdrawal from a bank machine, and has never been seen since. The crime happened in Calgary on September 11, 1998.

I searched the Internet looking for the article but could not find it. It should be out there somewhere, I gave up early on my search for it.


I turned left, Northbound, onto Fifth Street South, from Six Avenue. I noticed another cab from my company parked in the West Parking area off the street. I witnessed someone walking away from the car (whether they were with him or not is indeterminable).

As soon as I pulled up right beside his cab a woman's face and upper body appeared. I originally pulled up beside his car because I wanted to chat with someone, preferably (at the time) someone I work with. As soon as I realize there is someone else in the cab besides the driver I drove off, which was immediately after seeing her. I should mention also that it was a very slow night and I figured the other cab driver would not have anyone with him, after hearing radio beeps and conversation.

I try not to impose on other peoples business but I wonder what that other cab driver was doing. I knew he was empty as far as the company was concerned. I was empty and was up for a trip second to him. He cleared before be and was next up for a trip (not a flag) nearest and next to him. Since he cleared before me and was in the same zone as I, he got the trip. I wonder if maybe he was getting a blow job from the XXXXXX woman who I saw in the passenger seat of his car. Maybe it was a friend of his. Perhaps it was his wife. Maybe it was a cash under the company table fare. Maybe it was nothing.

I doubt that he was of any relation to her and it was not his wife. I heard around the office that one of our older drivers was in the newspaper because he was caught by police with a prostitute (obviously doing something, and not referring to the previous paragraph). He is married as far as I know. I intend to find out when this happened and find the article. I need to know the approximate date that it happened though.


I pulled up to XXXXXX tonight and stopped somewhat in a crosswalk in front of a fire hydrant. It was not the best place to stop but the only place close to the front door to let off the "period girls". While one of the girls got out to ask if there was still a $45 cover a taxi from the same company as mine was parked in front of me. I guess he needed to leave and he probably figured there was no one behind him. I never hurts to look to make sure but he obviously did not and backed into me hard. Well it wasn't that hard but hard enough to cause a little bit of damage (a couple of cracks in the front bumper of my car that I noticed later). We both got out and looked at the damage and there appeared to be none. After further inspection under light I was able to determine that there was a couple minor cracks in the bumper. Whether they were there before or not I can't say for sure.

The girls were all excited and kept saying they were in a hit and run (even though they were not). I ended up taking them to a different bar because sure enough ZZZZZZ was still charging huge cover for there Method Mad/Redman show. I picked up a couple fares after the show tonight and the first fare was really impressed with the show while the second said it was great but they were pissed off because they never came on until 1:20AM. I heard from them that the opening acts finished 1hour before Methodman kicked off his performance. I think that is probably just the bar wanting people to stay and buy more drinks.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Friday/Saturday Night

I have so many things running through my mind about the last couple of nights. Here is a random recollection of my weekend.

I got a flag Friday night at the Lethbridge XXXXXX on my way to the XXXXXX bar. I took it because the XXXXXX is the last place I like to go. I do not understand why some drivers sit there all night. Sure they might get a flag here and there but I don't think it is worth the hassle of severely drunken old fuckers with a chip on there shoulder, or crack whores.

The trip I ended up flagging was a drunk older man and a hooker. I mise well have went to the XXXXXX. So the hooker tells the guy that they cannot go to her place at the Lethbridge XXXXXX because the front desk clerk would not let them. They ask me where they can find a cheap hotel and they decide on the second scuzziest hotel in town to do there business - the XXXXXX Inn.

We arrive at the XXXXXX Inn and the hooker changes her mind and decides she wants to go somewhere classier. I drive them across the street to the XXXXXX Lodge. The hooker goes in and asks if they have any rooms available. She came back to the car and said "they have one non-smoking room available but we can still smoke in it, go pay for it, and I told him you were my husband". As the guy is stumbling into the lobby she yells again "tell them you are my husband".

I can see the guy at the front desk in clear view and he is stumbling around and dropped something on the floor, while picking up whatever it was he dropped he lost his balance and fell on the floor.

This is the conversation between the hooker and I after he fell to the ground.

Hooker: Do you think he can get it hard?

Me: I don't know he seems pretty drunk

Hooker: Have you ever seen me before?

Me: I think so... (and turned around to get a better look)

Hooker: Don't look at me

Me: You asked me if I have ever seen you before and I needed to look at you to answer the question

Hooker: Oh, I guess you're right

Me: (After looking at her) You look familiar but I am not sure if I have seen you before

Hooker: I am a drug addict

Me: (I was about to say something when she interrupted me)

Hooker: No, I mean I am a good drug addict, you know?

Me: No I don't know

Hooker: I try to be a good drug addict, I don't fuck with people.

The guy comes back to the car and tells the hooker that his credit card was declined on the $250 deposit. The hooker decides they should go back to the XXXXXX Inn. She demands that the guy give me $20, which he did. This time they both went into the hotel and I could see them at the ATM machine. They were both fumbling around for a while. There was a woman waiting to use the machine and she eventually gave up because they were taking so long.

During this time a guest or staff member walked outside and was talking to someone else and said "there is that hooker again", I smiled at her because I think she knew I heard her because my window was open.

The couple came back to the car and wanted me to take them to an XXXXXX bank because his bank card was not working. We get to the bank and I am instructed to go through the drive through. The guy gives the hooker his bank card and tells her his pin number. She tries the pin and tells him it didn't work. He tells her again and she tries the same number. Apparently the bank machine ate his card and was not going to give it back. I really do not know if that was the case or not. The machine could have ate his card, or maybe the hooker stole his card, knowing his pin number.

The hooker decides she wants to go the XXXXXX near by and I take them there. Throughout the entire trip the guy was telling the hooker how happy he was to have met her. The hooker at one point told me that he had waited for hours outside of her hotel room for her to come back outside.

Once at the XXXXXX the hooker raided this guys pockets for money. Literally putting her hands into his pockets trying to find money. The drunk old man was not capable of doing it himself. She found enough money to pay me for the rest of the fare and told the guy "I have to get out of here, I have to leave, blah blah blah", and she got out of the cab and walked off. I am sure at some point he had given her what she would have earned had they gotten a hotel room.

The guy told me he had nothing left and I decided I would drive him back downtown for free because I felt he had gotten ripped off pretty bad and I already was paid $30 for the trip. The guy tells me he is staying above the XXXXXX. I laughed so hard inside. I wonder if the hooker actually stole his bank card and had a night out on the town on this unlucky guy's buck.

That was a long description of a trip, here are a few short ones;

I flagged a trip from the XXXXXX Garden. A man and women get in. The trip is normal until the guy starts freaking out apparently about the girls boyfriend. He starts saying things like "what are you going to tell mike", "what if he finds out", etc. It was quite clear that the woman was cheating on her boyfriend.

Strange coincidence.

I pick up a fare at the XXXXXX Hat, a local strip club and 5 large men get in and tell me "we have to get out of here before the cops come". They seem alright and I start driving to the address. Trying to listen to what seemed to be four different loud conversations at once it was clear that someone got there ass kicked. Later on in the night I picked up a few students, while dropping the last one off she tells me how her friend was beat up pretty bad and described the guys that did it. The description fit to a tee about the guys I had driven earlier.

I ended up driving these guys twice tonight and had no problems at all, in fact out of the two trips they tipped me a total of $43 on a total of a $60 combined fare. I know for a fact that at one of the drops I had they are running an illegal poker game 4-5 nights a week.

Cops were out everywhere tonight. I actually hit my brakes hard once because I thought someone was trying to cross a crosswalk. I turned out it was two police officers standing at the crosswalk with a radar gun. I was pissed off. Don't stand in a crosswalk, go somewhere else.

A couple of students did not really know where they lived and were giving me shitty directions. I had to stop hard once and pull a u-turn when one of them says "are you trying to make me puke"? I said "no, but if you knew where you lived or gave me some notice about where I need to turn it would be less stressful on your stomach".

I was driving down Mayor Magrath at maybe 3am and cruising along at about 70km's per hour. The speed limit is 60km's per hour when I see this guy starting to walk very close to the road. I let off the gas but was not about to brake because this guy was with his friends and I figured they would not let him wander into traffic. He came so very close to being hit by me but never actually walked onto the road until I had passed him. I had a flashback about when I hit a guy onetime. I will not ever post that story.

All I want to say is not cool man, I have no justification for slamming on my brakes and putting my passengers at risk of harm due to your fucking stupidity or practical joke. I have noticed that approximately 85% of people who get in my cab do not wear their seat belts. That is an astonishing figure and I think people really should be more consciences about putting on a seat belt. Anything can happen.

Well I think I have said enough.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Cab Driver Murdered - RCMP Cold Case File

Homicide of David Jon MALLOY.

Driving a cab is one of the most dangerous jobs in the world. Customers can be very unstable and unpredictable. You just do not know for sure how any trip is ever going to end.

Convicted Pedophile Living Downtown

Dale Paul Courtoreille, 53

Sep 11, 2008, 05:03

-->Lethbridge regional police have issued a warning to the public following the release of a federal inmate that has a history of sexually abusing young boys. Dale Paul Courtoreille, 53, will be released from the Lethbridge Correctional Centre today after serving a two-and-a-half year sentence for sexual interference involving a child.

Monday, September 8, 2008

$175 Out of Town Fare

I got a call to a gas station at 12:15am Saturday night. I arrive and this young man in a security uniform gets in the cab. In fact I remember specifically that he was in a XXXXXX Security uniform. He tells me he needs to get to Claresholm. I asked the dispatcher for the flat rate and he told me it was $175. I informed the guy that I needed the money upfront before I would take him there.

He tells me that he was in a car accident and the police had his vehicle towed and that he had forgotten his wallet in the car. I don't remember what I was thinking at this point but he made it quite clear that he had to get there. I asked if anyone he knew would give a credit card for me to pre-auth. He said his dad would and began calling him. He was speaking Arabic or something so I really do not know what he was saying. I gave him a pen and he writes down the credit card number.

I tried to process the card but it came back as invalid. I tried this same process with another card number with the same result. I should have known at this point that something was fishy. He continued talking with his dad or whoever it was on the phone and he seemed very relaxed. I think that because he was so relaxed it made me feel relaxed and that led me to make a nearly costly mistake.

We sat in front on the gas station for more than 20 minutes. Because the guy was so relaxed, and sober, I decided I would take the risk and drive him to Claresholm. This is something that I have never done before and if the payment was not received on the other end of the trip it would be a huge loss for me. Not only would I have to pay $91 out of my own pocket to the taxi company, I also would have to pay for the gas to get there and considering it was Saturday night at 12:30 I would miss much of the bar rush. I decided against my better judgement that I would take that risk.

I told the dispatcher I was taking him and off we went.

Once we finally got to Claresholm he tells me that his brother is working at the XXXXXX Convenience store and that he would pay for the trip. As soon as I stopped the car at the XXXXXX he bolted. He started running across the street. So many things were running through my mind at this moment. I was pissed right off and never should have trusted the fucker. My wheels were immediately screeching out of the gas station and I drove down the wrong way of the main street in town in hot pursuit of this piece of shit. Once there was a break in the median I got onto the right side of the road he was already across. I never let him out of my sight and caught up to him quickly. I was not about to drive back to Lethbridge without at least a pursuit, some action, maybe even some violence.

He sees that I am right behind him and starts running the other way. I pull a u-turn and had to get back on the main road. This time there was traffic and I had to wait for a semi and another vehicle to pass before I would make the left hand turn. With my heart racing, the tires screeching, and the engine roaring I was back in pursuit. He proceeded down an alley and I was right behind him when he suddenly gave up and put his hands on his knees briefly and then kept walking slowly down the alley.

I was irate and for a split second I considered hitting him with the car hard enough to knock him to the ground so I could get in a couple punches and get him into the trunk of the car. Man that seems like such a good idea after the fact. I pulled myself together and realized that was going to be my last option. Because I was already on the phone with the police I was trying to describe the best I could where I was. The guy gave up running and I pulled up beside him and gave him a piece of my mind. An RCMP officer responded in record time.

When I mean record time I mean record time. If you read this post it took the Lethbridge City Police 45 minutes to respond when the police station and downtown core were only 30 seconds away. The RCMP officer in Claresholm responded within 30 seconds. I was very impressed.

I informed the officer what happened and confessed that I was an idiot to take the guy without money upfront and the officer put the guy in the back of the police car. While he was in the police car not more than 2 minutes later a XXXXXX Taxi pulled onto the scene. The driver got out and asked how much his brother owed. I said he owed me $175. Before I could finish my sentence the money was in my hand. He did not count it in front of me. I counted it and it was all there. The officer asked me if I was satisfied. I said I was and thanked the officer and the other cab driver.

I was soon back on my way to Lethbridge with the cash in my pocket and the experience of knowing why I always collect money upfront for out of town trips. I was eager to get back to Lethbridge in time to catch the end of bar rush. I genuinely believe that he had previously arranged with the other cab driver that I would be paid but decided he was going to bail on me anyway. My heart was still racing and the event was quite an adrenalin rush.

Random Laughter

I picked up a young man and two teenage girls late last night. The girls in the back seat were discussing how their night went amongst themselves.

I heard one of the girls say to the other girl "your dad told me that I have the upper body of a cheerleader". I laughed uncontrollably.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Friday Night

Tonight was a very busy night. During my eleven hour shift I probably sat around for half an hour in the office doing nothing. The bars were very busy tonight. It did not seem to matter where I went I was able to flag a trip. The line up at XXXXXX was nearly out to the street by 9:30pm. The XXXXXX was busy throughout the night. The XXXXXX got busier later in the evening as XXXXXX died down a bit.

Everyone seemed quite tame tonight. Nothing out of the ordinary happened. Only one of my customers tonight seemed like they had drank a little too much, which is quite surprising. Perhaps I am getting used to having drunk people around me and they are starting to seem sober to me.

I would say approximately 75% of my business tonight was comprised of students. Mostly University but some College students. I noticed an approximate increase of 30% in fares than the previous average of the four preceding Friday nights, which is significant. I had my second highest meter total tonight since I began driving January 1st of 2008. I had $503 on the meter. After student discounts and $59 gas I made out quite well. What I appreciate the most is that everyone was in good spirits, out having a good time, and I did not have a single problem with any trip.

The unusual thing about tonight is that I never saw or had to deal with any crack whores. To be honest I would much rather deal with honest students than fucked up crack whores. Tonight was a nice change and I am happy that the students are back and that I am back in school as well.

A random event from tonight:

I received a call to the XXXXXX Lodge tonight. I arrive at the hotel and ask the front desk clerk to call the room for me. She tells me there is no one staying in that room so I write off the trip until I get back to the car and realize that I am actually at the XXXXXX Hotel. I realized that I was at the incorrect hotel and proceeded to the correct hotel which was just a couple of blocks away.

While pulling away from the lobby this guy approaches me and asks me if there are any pawn shops or check cashing places open. The time is approximately 10:45pm on a Friday night and I told him "sorry buddy, but I think you are out of luck for the night". He tells me to hang on and we chat for a moment. He tells me that he is in desperate need of cash and has an Xbox 360 with three games, a wireless controller, an upgraded memory platform, as well as all the necessary cables. I do not need or really want an Xbox 360 and all that other stuff but ended up buying it off the guy for $70. I have not tried it yet to see if it actually works but it seemed like a good deal at the time.

Here is a picture...

XXXXXX Four Horns

Thanks for ripping me off $18.00
At least you gave me your wallet full of junk so I could post your picture in shame.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Students are Back....Yay!

The XXXXXX Bar was very busy tonight. Considering that all or most of the University and College Students are back I was not surprised.

I was at The XXXXXX at around 2:30am behind another cab. I watched as two men practically carry this guy out of the bar and place him into the cab in front of me. I thought to myself at the time "that guy is messed up". His "friends" put him into the cab and walked off to wherever they were going. So they left the complete drunken guy who could not walk on his own in the hands of the taxi driver.

I flagged a job immediately after and once finished my trip I decided to head back to XXXXXX to see if there were any more people. While entering the shopping area complex I notice the same cab driver that had flagged the job in front of me earlier. His passenger was hanging out the open door puking his guts out in front of the XXXXXX Convenience store.

I felt bad for the other cab driver but was quite happy that was not me having to deal with that guy.

Here is a photo of the aftermath. He spilled his guts out and the puke spread into the parking lot. GROSS!

My only explanation for actually taking a picture of this guys puke was complete boredom. It was after 3:00am and no one was around other than a couple other taxi drivers. The shear volume of the puke makes me very happy that I was not one cab up and had gotten this guy in my cab.


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