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Friday, September 5, 2008

Friday Night

Tonight was a very busy night. During my eleven hour shift I probably sat around for half an hour in the office doing nothing. The bars were very busy tonight. It did not seem to matter where I went I was able to flag a trip. The line up at XXXXXX was nearly out to the street by 9:30pm. The XXXXXX was busy throughout the night. The XXXXXX got busier later in the evening as XXXXXX died down a bit.

Everyone seemed quite tame tonight. Nothing out of the ordinary happened. Only one of my customers tonight seemed like they had drank a little too much, which is quite surprising. Perhaps I am getting used to having drunk people around me and they are starting to seem sober to me.

I would say approximately 75% of my business tonight was comprised of students. Mostly University but some College students. I noticed an approximate increase of 30% in fares than the previous average of the four preceding Friday nights, which is significant. I had my second highest meter total tonight since I began driving January 1st of 2008. I had $503 on the meter. After student discounts and $59 gas I made out quite well. What I appreciate the most is that everyone was in good spirits, out having a good time, and I did not have a single problem with any trip.

The unusual thing about tonight is that I never saw or had to deal with any crack whores. To be honest I would much rather deal with honest students than fucked up crack whores. Tonight was a nice change and I am happy that the students are back and that I am back in school as well.

A random event from tonight:

I received a call to the XXXXXX Lodge tonight. I arrive at the hotel and ask the front desk clerk to call the room for me. She tells me there is no one staying in that room so I write off the trip until I get back to the car and realize that I am actually at the XXXXXX Hotel. I realized that I was at the incorrect hotel and proceeded to the correct hotel which was just a couple of blocks away.

While pulling away from the lobby this guy approaches me and asks me if there are any pawn shops or check cashing places open. The time is approximately 10:45pm on a Friday night and I told him "sorry buddy, but I think you are out of luck for the night". He tells me to hang on and we chat for a moment. He tells me that he is in desperate need of cash and has an Xbox 360 with three games, a wireless controller, an upgraded memory platform, as well as all the necessary cables. I do not need or really want an Xbox 360 and all that other stuff but ended up buying it off the guy for $70. I have not tried it yet to see if it actually works but it seemed like a good deal at the time.

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