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Friday, September 19, 2008

I love the dogs more than I love her.

It is strange how I try to remember my night fare by fare and adventure by adventure but often weird stories slip through my mind.

I went to an address on the North side tonight and this guy comes out and gives me a $100 and asks for $80 back. I comply and he says "I am sick of this shit, I am tired of paying for cab rides, get this bitch to where she has to go and $20 should cover it because she is only going near the hospital" and blah blah blah. I ask him what is going on and he says "I love the dogs more than my girlfriend and if she doesn't like it she can fuck off". I waited a few minutes with $20 in my hand when a woman comes to the cab carrying one puppy and another following her and tells me "we worked out our shit and I am so sorry for wasting your time, please give me $10 and keep the other ten for yourself".

I agreed and went on my way.

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