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Saturday, September 27, 2008


I received a call a couple of houses away from where a local transvestite lives. I arrive and 4 guys get in and are having a good time and heading off to the bar.

After some initial conversation I start driving and this is what was said;

Me: "So how do you feel about living so close to a transvestite?" (I have no idea what prompted me to say that and I admit it was a weird thing to say to someone you have never met)

Guy in the back seat: "What?, turn the radio off, did you hear what he just said? Say again what you just said!"

Me: "Yeah he lives lives a couple houses away from you, I was just wondering if you knew who he was, apparently the Alberta Government is subsidizing his "penis getting cut off" surgery because of his well being and what not."

Guy in the back seat: "Man that is so fucked up, thanks for sharing that story."

Another guy: "I was at a rave in BC a few weeks ago when some chick came up from behind me and put her hands around my hips and grabbed my cock. I was amazed and was dancing with her. I turned around and it was a guy in drag. I almost punched him out right then and there." He then mentioned "I thought about it and I was in his territory (the rave) and if I had beat him up then I would be the one who was frowned upon."

I heard a couple other tranny stories on our way to the bar and it was quite entertaining for all of us. What a weird cab ride. I do not normally instigate that type of conversation but I just could not resist and they seemed like the type that would accept my comment for what it was worth.

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