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Monday, September 15, 2008

Randon Rant

During my tenure as a taxi cab driver I have noticed that there are many women who work the streets and make money as prostitutes. During the past few months I have seen different girls come and go. I wonder why some of the prostitutes are not around anymore. I believe that they rely on the cash they receive for sexual favours to sustain their lifestyle. So why do they leave? Were they arrested? Do they move on to different cities? Did they die? Were they killed? Did they move on to a better life? Are they taking a break? Are they in rehab? I am genuinely curious why the women I have seen working the streets just disappear.


I remember a couple of months ago six people were busted by an undercover police officer acting as a prostitute. Five of the six people's vehicles were impounded. I remember reading that the other guy posted a $27 thousand dollar bond in order to keep his vehicle (the value of the vehicle), it may have been a different amount. It amazes me how many people cheat on the ones they love the most. Whether they are married or not many of my customers are cheating on their loved ones.


I remember reading an article in the Calgary Sun September 14th, 2008 and from my interpretation and understanding of the article 4 young men got into a taxi. During the course of the ride an argument ensued and the cab came to a stop. The men took off on the taxi driver and for some reason the taxi driver decided to hit one of the kids and pinned him against a wall, killing him. That same night or the next day he took the bus to Edmonton, made a withdrawal from a bank machine, and has never been seen since. The crime happened in Calgary on September 11, 1998.

I searched the Internet looking for the article but could not find it. It should be out there somewhere, I gave up early on my search for it.


I turned left, Northbound, onto Fifth Street South, from Six Avenue. I noticed another cab from my company parked in the West Parking area off the street. I witnessed someone walking away from the car (whether they were with him or not is indeterminable).

As soon as I pulled up right beside his cab a woman's face and upper body appeared. I originally pulled up beside his car because I wanted to chat with someone, preferably (at the time) someone I work with. As soon as I realize there is someone else in the cab besides the driver I drove off, which was immediately after seeing her. I should mention also that it was a very slow night and I figured the other cab driver would not have anyone with him, after hearing radio beeps and conversation.

I try not to impose on other peoples business but I wonder what that other cab driver was doing. I knew he was empty as far as the company was concerned. I was empty and was up for a trip second to him. He cleared before be and was next up for a trip (not a flag) nearest and next to him. Since he cleared before me and was in the same zone as I, he got the trip. I wonder if maybe he was getting a blow job from the XXXXXX woman who I saw in the passenger seat of his car. Maybe it was a friend of his. Perhaps it was his wife. Maybe it was a cash under the company table fare. Maybe it was nothing.

I doubt that he was of any relation to her and it was not his wife. I heard around the office that one of our older drivers was in the newspaper because he was caught by police with a prostitute (obviously doing something, and not referring to the previous paragraph). He is married as far as I know. I intend to find out when this happened and find the article. I need to know the approximate date that it happened though.


I pulled up to XXXXXX tonight and stopped somewhat in a crosswalk in front of a fire hydrant. It was not the best place to stop but the only place close to the front door to let off the "period girls". While one of the girls got out to ask if there was still a $45 cover a taxi from the same company as mine was parked in front of me. I guess he needed to leave and he probably figured there was no one behind him. I never hurts to look to make sure but he obviously did not and backed into me hard. Well it wasn't that hard but hard enough to cause a little bit of damage (a couple of cracks in the front bumper of my car that I noticed later). We both got out and looked at the damage and there appeared to be none. After further inspection under light I was able to determine that there was a couple minor cracks in the bumper. Whether they were there before or not I can't say for sure.

The girls were all excited and kept saying they were in a hit and run (even though they were not). I ended up taking them to a different bar because sure enough ZZZZZZ was still charging huge cover for there Method Mad/Redman show. I picked up a couple fares after the show tonight and the first fare was really impressed with the show while the second said it was great but they were pissed off because they never came on until 1:20AM. I heard from them that the opening acts finished 1hour before Methodman kicked off his performance. I think that is probably just the bar wanting people to stay and buy more drinks.

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taxiguy said...

I started this post as a draft and finished it tonight. I realize now that the date you start the draft is the date that it is posted.

Just new to this I guess. The last couple of paragraphs are relating to the 19th of September.


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