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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Asshole Drunk XXXXXX Gets His Beer Back

I pick up this XXXXXX couple from a house party and they want to go downtown.

Me: "Where downtown"?

Him: "Don't matter eh"

Me: "Ok downtown anywhere it is"

We arrive downtown and I pull over into a parking spot.

I should also mention today was welfare check day and the streets were lined with drunken XXXXXX, especially around the Lethbridge XXXXXX store area on 6th ave and 5th st.

Him: "this is to heat score, take us to the XXXXXX eh"

Me thinking: for fucks sakes, this is too heat score for you and the XXXXXX is not?

I drive two blocks to the XXXXXX and stop.

Him: "too much heat still eh, pull into the alley"

Me: "I don't think so, that will be $15.80"

She pays me and they get out and walk into the alley behind the XXXXXX. I looked in the back seat and he left a nearly full beer on the seat, just waiting to spill. He was pissed off I would not take him into the alley and I assumed he had intentionally left it there so when I drove off it would spill all over the place. I was upset at this point and grabbed the beer and drove down the alley and threw the beer at him and drove off. I guess what was meant for my back seat is now on your fat ass girlfriend you piece of shit.

My next call was to the XXXXXX which I declined because I was not about to go back there.

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