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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Students are Back....Yay!

The XXXXXX Bar was very busy tonight. Considering that all or most of the University and College Students are back I was not surprised.

I was at The XXXXXX at around 2:30am behind another cab. I watched as two men practically carry this guy out of the bar and place him into the cab in front of me. I thought to myself at the time "that guy is messed up". His "friends" put him into the cab and walked off to wherever they were going. So they left the complete drunken guy who could not walk on his own in the hands of the taxi driver.

I flagged a job immediately after and once finished my trip I decided to head back to XXXXXX to see if there were any more people. While entering the shopping area complex I notice the same cab driver that had flagged the job in front of me earlier. His passenger was hanging out the open door puking his guts out in front of the XXXXXX Convenience store.

I felt bad for the other cab driver but was quite happy that was not me having to deal with that guy.

Here is a photo of the aftermath. He spilled his guts out and the puke spread into the parking lot. GROSS!

My only explanation for actually taking a picture of this guys puke was complete boredom. It was after 3:00am and no one was around other than a couple other taxi drivers. The shear volume of the puke makes me very happy that I was not one cab up and had gotten this guy in my cab.

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