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Thursday, July 31, 2008


So I am driving down a main street in Lethbridge and I notice all of the huge flower pots located along the street have been overturned and a couple of the barrels are on the street. I look over at this gang of people, mostly males and the one guy tips over a couple of mail boxes.

Obviously on a rampage I asked my dispatcher to phone the police. The police asked me to stay with them. I watch them travelling through the alleys and cut them off on another street. One guy calmly approached the cab like he wanted to get in. I pulled away and he starts running after me. He threw a beer bottle or something which hit the car. I was on the radio saying where I was and what was happening when another cab pulled up.

The guy and his 2 buddies start threatening the other cab driver and wanted to fight him. All of a sudden these guy start throwing rocks at us. Now there is damage to both of our vehicles and we pursued these guys till the bitter end.

They were skipping through alleys and trying to lose us, but we pursued vigilantly. Every once in a while I would hear something loud hit the cab. They kept throwing rocks and small concrete blocks at our cars. The objects seemed to come out of nowhere, at this point the gang pretty much turned into 3 or 4 people. The police station is about a 28 second drive to the scene. When they arrived 45 minutes into the incident we had been ravaged by bricks, concrete, rocks, etc.

The police did catch the criminals and I am sure they are awaiting trial. I was very surprised that none of the cab windows broke but there was significant dents and paint damage to both of our cars.

They could have gotten away easily if they had not kept coming back for more.

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taxiguy said...

Thanks to local citizens on the scene my story was quickly colaborated.


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