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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Fare Paid...

So I walked into the office the other day and the dispatcher gives me $30 and tells me some guy came in and wanted to pay me his $18 fare and was sorry it was late.

I was dumbfounded by this new found wealth. I could not think of anyone that owed me $18. A couple hours later it hit me...

..I picked up a lone male from a popular weekend bar a few weeks earlier. I drove him to his destination. Upon arrival my passenger got out of the car, started looking through his pockets, then proceeded to run through an empty field near a church.

There was no way I was going to chase him on foot so I drove down the nearest alley where I presumed he might be heading. I noticed him walking behind me so I turned around in the alley and drove towards him.

I entered onto a main roadway and witnessed him walking down the sidewalk. I approached him and pulled the car over. To my surprise he decided to get back in the car. At this point I had requested the police to come on the charges of Taxi Fraud. When the male got in I asked him why he had ran and such and such. He started talking complete gibberish about some cigars and kept asking me why was I not taking him anywhere.

The police arrived a short time later and questioned the male. I was standing outside the cab witnessing the questioning. The male could not provide the officer any identification and could not remember his own birth date. He was shortly arrested and I went on my way. Having to pay for the majority of his fare out of my own pocket.

In conclusion, if that was you that left me the $30 I appreciate that you have since sobered up and had the conscience to rectify your mistake.

In addition, I realize that when people drink they may become quite intoxicated and part of my job is to provide transportation to these individuals.

The new laws in my province of Canada may provide some relief to the binge drinking that occurs on a daily basis. I am interested in seeing the effects, if any, these stringent regulations have on local bars.

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