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Friday, July 25, 2008

90 Days in Jail

I picked up at a local bar in town and the "gentleman" wanted to go out to one of the local XXXXXX Reserves. When I say gentleman, I mean he kicked his woman crack whore out of the car because she did not want to go with him to the reserve (I often wonder what happened to her that night, but could honestly care less). I explained that it was a flat rate fare and that I was not able to take him onto the reserve, only to the reserve.

We puttered around town making a couple of stops and he was refused liquor at 2 liquor retailers and to make a long story short we are at the reserve boundaries....

...he tells me where to go on the reserve, I explain again to him that I will not go onto the reserve. We get into a heated argument because it had previously rained that evening and the road was muddy. As if the XXXXXX Reserve would actually put ashphalt or concrete roads on their property. Their money is better placed into casinos and liquor establishments, as I have noticed.

During our heated argument I gave "XXXXXX Guy" two options; 1 get the fuck out and walk from here, 2 I am driving back to town. IG tells me to drive back to town, which I proceed to do, IG grabs the wheel and sends my cab to the right of the road.

We are at the bottom of a coulee and my cab radio and cell phone had no reception. I had already tried to phone the police at this point and my phone was only beeping, trying to get through.

At this point IG accused me of stealing his mickey of vodka, which of course I did not do. He refused to get out of the cab until I did because he thought I would take off on him. I got out and told him to get out and look for his liquor, which I was sure that he had misplaced. While I was out of the car he got out as well, at that point I jumped back in the car, put it in drive, and floored it in an effort to get the hell out of there.

Somehow IG managed to fall back in the cab and grabbed the wheel again putting the cab close to the ditch. I knew I would not be able to maneuver the coulee with IG steering me off course.

At that point he was in the car with me and I was yelling at him, he then said that he was going to kill me and scalp me on the side of the road, all the while having his right hand in his coat pocket. I took him very seriously at this point, I decided it was in my best interest to get out of the car right away, which I did. I remember walking up the hill away from the scene trying to get a hold of the police. I looked back at the cab and could not see anything, It was night and pitched black.

I kept stopping only to listen if he was following me, when I realized no one was following me I finally got a hold of the police, the city police, I told them generally what happened and where I was and the dispatcher put me on hold to transfer me to the RCMP, because I was out of the city limits. At this point my phone was dying and when I got a hold of the RCMP I again told them where I was, the last thing I remember saying to the RCMP dispatcher was "do you need any more information" and my phone died.

It turned out that they had no idea where I really was. The dispatcher at our taxi office eventually phoned the police which I believe led to them finally finding me. After walking approximately 4km in the dark and not knowing if IG was still there I was not turning back. At one point I thought that the police thought I was just pranking them.

Finally what felt like 1.5 hours later an RCMP cruiser drover by me and picked me up.

Long story short the RCMP got a warrant from Calgary and busted IG in his home. I was later picked up by a taxi and drove home from the office. I was later called to identify the suspect. I went out to the scene and positively identified the suspect. I later picked up my six pack of beer.

Some facts are missing from this story, due to me being tired, and these facts will be added soon.

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