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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Welfare Checks Spent

Casino's, Bingo Halls, Liquor Stores, Hotels, and Crack dealers... The checks have been spent in record time...

I am sure you will survive in the meantime, from the hard working individuals spending their money on exactly the same.

Have you ever heard.. "I got my check and I want to spend $200 on my kid, but by tomorrow I will have nothing left".

I never said it but if you were not on this crack run with me then maybe you would have some money to spend on your kid. I could write a book about bad, often horrible, parenting.

Often these crack whores have children, perhaps multiple children for all I know.

Point is crack and other drugs leave a huge burden on society. One of the sad parts is the Canadian Government supports these losers by providing them a monthly check, for doing nothing.

If I was a crack addict I would definitely be looking forward to my welfare check near the end of the month. That must buy a lot of crack for some people.

In addition; My apologies for the well deserving welfare check recipients that spend the governments money wisely. I know you are few and far between.

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