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Friday, July 25, 2008

Just Fucked - Slow Death

I picked up this fellow from out of town last night. He opened the passenger door and passed out and fell onto the concrete pavement behind him. I asked if he was ok and he awoke quickly and said he was looking at my topsign to see what it said and lost his balance.

Unbenownced to me he had began to bleed in the car as I took him into the main city.

He did not bleed very much but I still had to pause my night to clean off the blood of this severe alcoholic. The entire way back to town I had to have my window open just to offset the smell of SHIT and PISS and LIQUOR. He was fucked and to be honest I felt bad for him about the things that he said to me that had affected his life.

Note to anyone reading this; Please shower at least once a month.

After the trip and cleaning off his blood I was almost ready to puke myself.

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