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Monday, June 8, 2009

Wierd Flag

I was sent for a call to XXXXXX Downtown and was on my way when this guy flagged me down at around 8pm in front of the Lethbridge XXXXXX.

I decided to stop and he proceeded to tell me that he was in an emergency situation and needed to get his medication. He told me that he had $8 and needed to get to 13th street and back with his medication.

I told him I was already on a trip and said I would come back if he wanted. He agreed and I told him I would be back in 15 minutes. I asked him to wait on the street.

I drove my original fare, cleared, and proceeded back downtown to see if the guy was still there.

Upon arrival at the Lethbridge XXXXXX I on 5th street South he was still waiting, now with a friend.

I pulled over and they are very excited that I actually came back. I knew something was up even before I said I would come back, if it were a true emergency I would have had no problem extending a hand.

Long story short they were both new to the city and were former/current intravenous drug users. What I was told was the one dude needed to get his "medication".

So we agree on, well, ..... I can not say.

They have no idea where they are going and I finally get them to Heather Road on the North side, (I was pissed because I was driving up and down 13th street South for them to try to identify a landmark of where this guys place was, the thing that pissed me off the most was the guy new the name of the fucking street a block before we got there, had he told me the fucking street in the first place I would not have wasted time and gas driving around aimlessly, fucking XXXXXX...

So we arrive at the place and the guy in the back seat went in to make the deal, I don't really know what was happening inside but became aware of my safety and surroundings when the XXXXXX drug dealer in the Chrysler 300 M pulled up and there was some sort of problem with the quantity.

Apparently wherever this guy was from Methadone costs $5 per 30 grams, he had paid $1 per gram here. He was clearly pissed off and I thought shit was going to hit the fan at the dealers place.

Meanwhile I .............(can't really say until employment agreement expires)

Whatever it was he bought he said it was grade A shit but cheap on the quantity. From what I saw he counted maybe 7 or 8 prescription style pills in his hand.

Then the guy asks me to lend him $20 to buy more so he would not get beaten up when he arrived back at the Lethbridge XXXXXX. I immediately declined and said we had a deal and was holding up my end of the bargain and that I was leaving in two minutes if his friend didn't come back, after all this I think he was really in trouble from whomever had pitched in on the Methadone because he was scared shit less to go back into the Hotel basically empty handed because they were going to eat the pills they had gotten no matter what happened.

The one guy said he was working at the XXXXXX Diner and wanted me to come in and he would give me $40 or something, I told him not to worry about it, he was sincerely grateful and I was honest, and shit did not hit the fan.


taxitalk said...

yeah I get eh same speech
"your white your young
I love you" all the time
yes there is some serious prejudice in this nation dude
how is the cash flow in southern alberta
dude I can't make a living in edmonton it's so slow and when it comes to other cabbies is straight up cut throat, anyone will steal whatever fare they can get. + I got a shield
did you know it costs 6.60 just to get into a cab in Edmonton
whats the cost in Lethbridge?
peace and stay safe
it's getting tricky lately
with all the unemployment

taxiguy said...

In addition, I found out that you can not actually get methodone in capsule form, only pill and liquid form (most common). I really do not know what exactly they bought.

taxiguy said...


Interesting to hear from you.

The flag/starting rate in Lethbridge is 2.40, but can be as high as 3.40 with other companies.

Just about half the starting rate in Edmonton but Lethbridge is significantly smaller.

Instead of a shield the company I drive for has decided to install electronic advertising in the backseat of their vehicles.

I forgot to thank them for that.

Bullshit... Basically now I have to explain to 2000 people why we have advertising in our cars and how hurting our company is for cash (clearly).

I hate the idea, I recieve no compensation what so ever. I am just going to rip the damn thing out and say a cutomer stole it.

Well maybe not, we will see...


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