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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Silent Trips

I do not always try to strike up any sort of conversation just for the sake of chatting and have learned that sometimes saying nothing is better than hearing everything.

Last night for example; I am sure I picked up a lawyer from the Lethbridge Airport on his way to the XXXXXX (I assumed he was a lawyer based on his oversized briefcase type thing lawyers carry).

After finding out where he was going not one word was spoken between us throughout the entire trip. Perhaps that is how we both wanted it. He was probably travelling all day and was tired and I just wanted to get paid. Had either of us said anything I am sure the other would have responded, but that never happened.


From the Hospital last night in the early hours of the morning. The woman got in the car and sat directly behind me (which rarely happens with only one passenger) as if to hide herself from me, she seemed a little upset and I said nothing the entire trip. I have learned it is best not to ask how a persons night is going when you pick them up from the hospital. Either they break down on you crying about a loved one or they tell you about every disease and broken bone they have ever had in their entire life.

Don't get me wrong if someone wants to spew their thoughts on me I am usually interested and willing to listen, but at times I try not to encourage them.

Again from the hospital last night... I picked up this guy that stunk like ass and had bandages around his head and was limping bad. I drove him all the way home without a word being spoken, it really is wierd because most of the time people will not shut up. All I said to this guy at the end of the trip was "good luck man".

What else is there to say? Hey sorry you got your ass kicked and you are lucky to be alive but have you been to this new club?

Every trip is different and sometimes saying nothing is best. I know exactly what to say to open up some sort of conversation in different situations but sometimes I wait for the other person (or passengers) to say the first line. It almost feels like cat and mouse at times.


A different side to a Hospital trip....  I see this guy walking towards me with from the ER and there is blood all over his pants, upon closer inspection he has stiches on his nose. After finding out where he was going (it happened to be the Lethbridge Shelter) the first thing I said was "What the fuck happened to you man?", sometimes you just can't help but to ask.

He was cool and said he was waiting at the XXXXXX Bus Depot minding his own business when three guys jumped him in the alley, beat him up a bit and took his money. He mentioned he was on his was back to Brocket after attending a detox/addictions program and was looking forward to becomming reaquainted with his young family when he was assaulted. (When I think of Brocket I think of a XXXXXX person/stereotype, but that was not the case).

I actually felt kinda bad for the guy, here he is trying to get his life in order, trying to do good for himself and his family and he was brutally assaulted at the bus depot in the middle of the afternoon, lost his money and was sent to the hospital and had no way of getting home after and ended up spending the night in the shelter, not fun I am sure.


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