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Monday, October 4, 2010

My Comment on Being Fired

This really had nothing to do with the taxi company. There has never been any mention of which cab company I worked for, EVER.
Unless you really look hard for the smallest detail in a couple of older videos you would never be able to tell  which company I worked for unless you had inside knowledge of the radio dispatch system that was used.

Other than that I have never once hurt the reputation of the taxi company. NOT ONCE. As a matter of fact I would say that I enhanced the reputation of the company through my regularly courteous dealings with their customers.

The following are some of the drivers I would have thought would have been fired before I was, so I assumed what I did was nothing compared to some of their activities...

I find it kind of humourous that the driver who was investigated by the police for touching a mentally handicapped woman still has a job. It was basically proven that he did touch her inappropriately but charges were never laid because apparently she had consented.

Another driver was apparently rehired after supposedly drinking on the job.

Another driver uses a radio frequency scanner to intercept other companies trips and to try to flag where a call for another company has come in (which is illegal in Canada).

What about the guy who pissed on the drivers seat of the car after his shift as an act of revenge for the previous driver not cleaning the car. He still has a job.

Not to mention half the drivers interact with the local prostitutes on a regular basis (well maybe less than half but a fair amount), one such driver was found guilty in court for soliciting a prostitute, he still has a job.

One of the drivers I worked with had three prior drinking and driving convictions and still continues to drink and drive. Although he doesn't drink and drive on the job, he still has a job.

Most of our dispatchers are drug or alcohol dependant addicts.

One such dispatcher was a former Police officer with the City of Lethbridge, he was in charge of Crime Prevention before being found guilty of scamming the Crime Stoppers reward system years ago and taking kick backs from "bogus" informants.

I could say so much more but am reluctant and hesitant because I enjoyed working with many of the drivers at my former place of employment, there were only a select few I could not stand, and the feeling was mutual I am sure. Basically the child molester, not going to name names, the drunk that called in sick 3 out of 5 shifts a week with some random excuse, the old XXXXXX guy who is married and into the prostitutes (proven in court for solicting). Where was I going with this...

My point is I took a ten second video of a sober woman consenting to showing her boobs on film basically just for the fun of it and Bam, I am fired. No warning, no notice, no nothing.

I guess I should have started drinking on the job and smoking crack while getting blow jobs from prostitutes on slow nights and molesting handicapped women on the busy days while pissing in the taxi at the end of my shift. At least I could sleep comfortably knowing I still had a job.


Caravan Cabbie said...

You never posted the booby show or I missed that post, so how did the company find out about the ten second show... Have gas will travel!

Anonymous said...

sorry to hear that, sucks..i really like yer blog

Anonymous said...

shitty to hear man . your a good driver

marissa said...

bummer. i just stumbled across your blog the day you were fired.. but still read every post :) then moved, so no internet.. but im still checking!!! ;) great blog.

Julie said...

thats shitty man.. i've always known what company you've worked for judging by small clues here and there, and I've probably had you as a driver more than once...Besides, when you say santa claus guy, that's a dead giveaway.

Dawn said...

What a load of crap. Sorry. It'd certainly be lovely to see these willing breasts of burden (I'm hilarious, I know), but I can see why it definitely isn't on here.

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