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Sunday, October 17, 2010

I Thought He Looked Familiar.... Awkward

I was dropping off a trip at XXXXXX downtown when four people flagged me and I immediately recognized the guy that sat in the front seat. He was wearing a suit and tie and looked sharp, which is beside the point.

I told him I thought I knew him from somewhere but could not remember where. He didn't say much but I really thought I recognized his voice, so I pressed further....  "Did you go to the University here?",  he said "no but I went to the College". I asked "what did you take there?", he responded "I took the Criminal Justice program, a lot of good that did me (sarcastically)".

I asked him "do you work out at the jail?", and he responded "no". I then asked him "are you a Police Officer?" and he said "yes".

I thought about it for a couple of minutes and then I realized how I knew him... He had arrested me on a previous occasion and I told him so. He said he didn't remember but I am unsure about that.

I said it was all good and told him not to worry about it. Here I was driving a Police Officer home from a night out that had arrested me on a previous encounter. Yes it was very awkward, mostly because I doubted that he did not remember the incident. Even if he did remember I appreciated his professionalism, even while off duty.

Note: Although I was arrested and taken into custody I was never charged with any crime and it was nothing serious. The Officer seemed to be completely sober and was a complete gentleman.


As a side "post" I would like to say that I am sick and tired of people bashing the Lethbridge Police. I hear it all the time about how much people hate the Police (as if it is the cool thing to do). Of course you may not have been happy with getting some meager ticket or them even being in your presence, but when it comes down to an Emergency situation I am sure you would be more than happy that the Police responded to HELP YOU, I know I have been.

Not only do they risk their lives every single day that they put on the uniform, they do it for YOUR PROTECTION and the welfare of the community.

The Police are here for the protection of the community as a whole and when I hear that you are 100 percent anti-Police I become convinced that you are involved in some sort of violent criminal activity.

I would like to say that I have not always been happy with the Lethbridge Police but the fact is they really do a decent job.

I suppose "decent" could mean a variety of things. I know there are a few areas that they could work on (from personal observations) and there are areas that the Lethbridge Police excel at.

I think my "side post" has gone a little too far to one side, which is in support of the Police.

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