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Monday, October 25, 2010

Random Stats + The Puker

I was compiling the content of this blog into a text only document for a certain "project" I have agreed to become involved with and was somewhat surprised that I have written over 61,000 words in over 130 word document pages.

Also until recently Blogger has not included a spell check application and I was more than surprised at how many spelling mistakes I have made.


Ok the puker... So I was sent for this guy at XXXXXX on Saturday night and I thought I was looking for a woman because the name was transgender I suppose. So he tells me where he is going and I proceeded to that location, the conversation was limited and I knew this guy was wasted (he had a hard time actually opening the door to the car and was stumbling hardcore). Upon arrival at his requested destination I asked "is this your place?".

I was stopped at the time and turned on the light and looked over my shoulder. It was as funny as it gets, this guy had puked and was holding it in his mouth (hold your lips closed and blow air into your mouth, that is how it looked). I am glad he had contained his puke in his mouth. I guess he could not tell me to stop sooner because his mouth was full. Thanks buddy for keeping it in. Once we stopped he opened the door....let it all out ....paid me and went on his merry way.


Loralee Edwards said...

the project sounds interesting

Dawn said...

Hah! Poor guy. Thank goodness he was a considerate drunk, eh?


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