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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Slapped in the Face.......... What a Bitch

I picked up three Americans from XXXXXX on Thursday night (early Friday Morning), one female and two males.

The woman sat in the front with me and the two males sat in the back. This woman was drunk but seemed ok, she was asking a lot of questions and was touching me a little bit too much for comfort.

I learned they were from Montana and staying at the XXXXXX Campground. They were not of legal age to drink in Montana so they came up to Lethbridge to party.

She was trying to get me to speak French and did not believe me when I told her I don't speak French. I asked her if she spoke Spanish, she tried but failed miserably.

It was a normal trip until BAM! Out of no where she slapped me hard in the face while I was driving. I was shocked and didn't know what to do. I mean there may have been other times where I deserved a good slap (maybe) but I did absolutely nothing to deserve it whatsoever.

So I slammed on the brakes and asked "What the fuck was that, do you want to get off here, don't fucking touch me again".

We were almost at the campground so I continued driving in utter disbelief about what just happened. She kept saying she was sorry and wanted me to forgive her. It was absolutely uncalled for and I said I would not forgive her.

Looking back on the trip the only reason that I can think of why she would slap me like that was just to see how I would react. The guys in the back really never said a word the entire trip. At the campground she continued asking me to forgive her and I would not. The guys were pulling her away from the taxi as I refused her apology.

It was not as bad as getting punched in the face.....

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