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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Cocaine Wannabe Cowboy

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Holy fuck what a fucking retard.

This random guy walks up and asks if I am available and I said yes. Well this guy didn't need a ride and summoned over his fucked up friend. I dislike this tactic often employed by sober friends or bar staff to get their super drunk friend or hammered patron in my car for me to deal with their bullshit. I have learned when staff or a bouncer will ask if I am available it is not worth the hassle but if you are looking for that "taxi driver experience" you should say you are free and to send them over or carry them on out.

Anyway kind of a rant there this guys buddy was standing and seemed to be on his own accord and I let him in and he said North something (I remember the exact address but gonna respect some privacy not sure if I even have to this guy scared the fuck out of me to the point where I was planning on attacking him in some manner to fend him off).

So right from the get go I notice his pupils were extremely dialated and he was drueling from the mouth (next time I see that shit get the fuck out of my taxi and find another ride).

I started driving to the address and apparantly I was being an ass because I was going the wrong way, he said Burger King I wanted a chicken sandwich you idiot. Well thanks for letting me know you wanted to go to Burger King you cocksucker mother fucker. So we get to Bk and he orders a chicken sandwich meal and with no one in front of us by the time he ordered to the time we arrived at the drive thru window he had passed out hard.

The guy at the window wanted money and I had to shake the guy hard to awaken him. He did come to paid we were talking about I don't remember. He gets his shitty chicken sandwich from nasty diarrhea inducing Burger King and eats all his shit disturbing fries real quick.

As we were driving he was trying to throw the chicken sandwich wrapper out of the closed window and he could not figure out why the garbage was not going outside and I opened the window and it ended up falling on the floor.

He was talking a bunch of jiberish and I really did not understand much if any of what the fuck he was talking about, I do remember him saying something like "you think i am a retard" numerous times.

We finally get to his place at 29 St James Place (fuck it worst experience in a long time) and just the way he was looking at me I was truly scared of this guy he was ready and on edge and seemed capable of something violent which I truly thought may have occurred at that moment.

So things kinda calmed down with his nonverbal very threatening bodily communication and he was ready to pay for the ride. Had some relief there but he was completely fucked as I am sure has been stated before so he pulls out a jack of spades playing card and wants to pay with that as if it were his debit card.

I said that's not going to work and pointed to the wallet in his pocket closest to me that was visible to me and he just didn't hear anything I had to say and started checking all of his other pockets before finding the wallet in the pocket I told him it was in

So he starts fumbling around with his cards I think he handed me a save on foods card and I said no and pointed him to the debit card I saw in his wallet that he had used at Burger rape my mouth King and he kept saying "you think I am a retard?"

Like I said it wasn't what he was saying but his non verbal actions that had me on edge I was ready for shit to go down or for him to just leave peacefully no questions asked.

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