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Monday, August 25, 2008

I Can Run Faster Than You

I picked up 5 teenage XXXXXX girls from the movie theater. We stopped at a liquor store and only one of them was 18 so she bought the liquor. We proceed to a ghetto part of town and they never really told me the address. I figured there were five of them and someone was going to pay me.

We arrive in front of a bunch of four and six-plexes and as they are getting out of the car one of the girls says "my mom is going to pay for the ride". Then all five girls take off running. Without hesitation I pursued and chased them around a few buildings and caught up to one of the girls.

I grabbed her arm and then wrapped her purse around my wrist. I told her to stop running and she complied. Dispatch phoned me on my cell and asked what was going on. I requested the police to come. I was a little lucky and caught the only one that was actually 18 and could be charged. I led her back to the cab, put her purse in the trunk, and told her to sit in the back of the cab. I sat in the front and waited for the police to arrive.

While waiting for police she gave me a sob story about how she didn't know her friends were going to do that and she was sorry. She was crying when the police officer arrived. I did feel bad for her because I felt she was telling the truth. With the cab company I work for I have to pay for 52 percent of the fare on the meter whether I actually get paid or not. So it is a huge loss not to receive payment.

I told the officer my story and showed him the price on my meter. He asked her a couple questions and proceeded to take her to every door at the six-plex in an attempt to collect my money. He eventually came back from the side of the building and told me a good Samaritan had decided to lend her the money for the cab fare.

I thought about it later that it was after 12:15am and maybe it was the police officer who lent her the money because I doubt that anyone in those apartments would have. I am pretty sure that the girls did not even live at that building.

Some friends you have/had.

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