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Monday, August 11, 2008

Crack Head Wishlist : 1. Crack 2. Crack 3. Crack

Crackheads are fucked up. It has become very entertaining to watch a crackhead get into the cab and tell me where they think they want to go. Most often they are blabbling to themselves about random shit and I believe that half the time they do not even understand what is happening around them. Other than getting more crack there is not much else on their minds.

I have tried to put myself into the crackheads shoes in an attempt at understanding the fucked up nature of this scum. If I had lost a million dollars and needed to find it fast where would I go? Back to the last place I was at, that is where. In the case of a crack head the last place they were at was a crackhouse or in an alley smoking crack. Off to the crackhouse we go because in the alley all the crack has been smoked.

In my city there are far more crackhouses than the average person would believe. I have been on many crack runs and all I see outside of the residences that I go to is a huge flashing neon sign that says "buy crack here" or "please come again, enjoy the crack you just bought".

This is my opinion of how a crackwhore thinks.... Gotta suck some cock, gotta get fucked in the ass, gotta get that hit, gotta get that hit, gotta get that hit, do what it takes, suck him off, and him, and him... Got $20 buckes in my hand, gotta get to my dealer and smoke some crack, crack crack crack crack crack. I love crack.

I love crack so much my pregnant bitch ass is going to smoke the shit until either I, or the baby dies, or both.

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