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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

$61 Cab Fare

My last call of the night was to the College. I arrive and the people are waiting and get in the car. The time is approximately 4:45AM

The deaf/hard of hearing woman, who was fairly attractive, informed me that they were going West and gave me the address. We get to the address and the lady goes inside and a couple minutes later comes outside and walks around the side of the house. Almost immediately after leaving the house a parent type figure appeared on the doorstep for about three seconds, looked around, then went back inside. I am not sure what happened there.

The young woman comes back from wherever she was and tells me they need to go downtown. On our way downtown her friend in the back seat was telling me jokes and I felt relaxed about the trip. The friends boyfriend in the back seat was chilling and the ride seemed OK.

We arive downtown and the hard of hearing woman pulls out around $300 from the bank machine. The meter was at around $45 at this point. She gave me $60 and the woman in the back seat asked if she could use my phone. I agreed and the women tells whoever she was talking to on the phone that she had lots of money and it was in his/her best interest to meet with them.

They decide on a meeting place and I drove there. During the ride to meet this person and probably long before I knew this was some kind of a drug deal. I mean it is 5 in the morning and these people are going all over the place. The deal takes place and they make another stop to buy smokes. I somehow asked what it was they were purchasing. The deal maker in the back seat answered sarcastically "some blue, some green, some yellow". I remember her eventually mentioning crack.

Other than the deal maker they really did not seem like the classic crackheads so I am not really sure what they bought. I am sure that whatever they bought cost them $200.

I cut the meter a little early because it was my longest trip of the night and I was having fun with them. I took them back to the College and they left me with $70 as well as a condom and some lube.

Just another one of those strange trips. I felt kinda bad for the hard of hearing woman only because I believe that the other two were taking advantage of her cash situation in buying the drugs and paying for the ride. I would honestly like to meet this deaf person sometime. I wonder if she would remember me? What does she do and why was she with these two other people? Most likely these questions will never be answered.

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