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Saturday, August 24, 2013

16 Year Old Girl Wants Her Anus Licked

Maybe not the best title I picked these guys up from Boss Hogs earlier tonight and they were asking me to pull over so they could talk to any woman that were wondering around the bars. The first couple woman we saw were walking away from the bars so I pulled over and they were hollering at them and these women did not respond so I start driving to Mcdicks in your mouth when they spotted a woman laying on the grass, again I pulled over and once I did this other woman had her back against the Alpenland building and was freely uninated while crouched on the ground with her back against the wall, her legs were spread and she yelled "keep moving" so I did.

We arrived at Mcdicks in your mouth and they spotted more females getting into a car and they asked me to pull up beside them, after about 30 seconds these woman had introduced themselves to us and gave their address of where they were going to party and wanted us all to come join them.

They were young but still out and about at 2:30 in the morning so I followed them to the destination. When we arrived at the residence the one guy got out to talk to the girls in the car and the other guy got out and was mumbling random comments while leaning against the car intoxicated.

This one woman whom appeared to be approximately 16 years old kept comming up to me and asking me if I was a real cab driver and such and such, I observed the one guy talking to these girls from my taxi and it didn't seem to be going all that well and there were other individuals at the house observing the commotion outside.

Long story short the guys get back in and I pull up beside these young women as they were parked on the street. I overheard that the woman that was speaking to me was really shy but that her pussy was probably "soaking wet" and that she wanted someone to "lick her ass".

I thought it was cool but these guys were not getting anywhere with these young woman and he gave me a warning to take off soon as he said to the driver "do you come with a bag so after I fuck you I can burry you in a ditch?" not an exact quote but from what I remember. I drove away after he said that and these two guys wanted to go back to moon them.

Sure why the fuck not I said I would and they started unbuckling there pants and I pulled around the block and stopped right in front on the girls car and they had their asses hanging out the window and the one guy was spreading his cheecks good and wide.

We left after that and I took them back to Mcdicks in your mouth because apparantly the one dude had a really fat booty call on the way and he was going to be an asshole and leave cheeseburgers from the door to his room for her to eat on the way.

I kinda liked these guys it was fun tipped  me 25 dollars on a 40 dollar ride.

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