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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Video of a Woman Puking In Taxi

About an hour ago I picked up three young women standing on the street near Pulse Nightclub. They asked if I would take them to McDonald's and I said sure. The got in and said they were going to the West side after McDonald's.

So on the way the woman in the front seat is saying how she is going to puke soon if she doesn't get her McDonald's. She didn't seem that bad and its not like I immediately pulled over expecting her to puke.

We get to Mcdicks in your mouth and they order their food and I pull up to the window and they pay for their crap and we were waiting when she started saying again how much she wanted to puke or whatever.

So I encouraged her, I said why don't you just puke and get it over with or something like that. She said she was going to try to puke out the door while in the drive thru. I told her to go for it and asked if I could film her trying, she said yes. So she opens the door and I bust out the video camera while she is leaning out the door and it was a tough angle for me but I got the shot.

She also said she might not be able to puke because it is hard for her to puke so I gave her my pen and told her to put it down her throat to help her puke.

She accepted my advice, grabbed the pen, and put it down her throat and eventually puked with my encouragement.

It was interesting and I showed them the video and they asked me to upload it so here it is.... Video of some random woman putting a pen down her throat to induce vomiting in a McDonald's drive thru.



Anonymous said...

Your doing a great job publicizing the shady side of lethbridge keep up the good work. Thanks for what you do

Jordanne said...

Am I ever embarrassed... This is me and I am so ashamed of myself! But hey we saved like 10 bucks on our cab ride!!

taxiguy said...

I do not know you and this was random. I do remember you asking for a discount and I was happy to oblige. I believe you are that person in the video based on that fact alone.

Thanks again.

Anonymous said...



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