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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Bad Decision After Getting Ripped Off

I received a call to XXXXXX South at around 1:45am. I arrive and a XXXXXX guy gets in and tells me to go to XXXXXX West. He is drunk (as are a lot of my customers at this time of night). His name was XXXXXX and he was wearing an orange polo shirt and a dark coloured hat.

We arrive at the address and I wake him up and tell him he owes me $18.10. He tells me he has to get the money from inside. At this point I get that feeling that this is not going to end well.

He stumbles up to the front door and I hear a honk from a car. Apparently his drunk friend passed out in the drivers seat of his car in the driveway and was trying to get his attention.

I soon learned that neither individual has the money to pay me for the ride. It is not the first time I have been stiffed for a fare and began suggesting alternative measures such as collateral and so on and so forth. They are both drunk and the one guy says "we have a very reasonable cab driver here". The less drunk XXXXXX piece of shit comes back and hands me his tax exempt treaty card and says "that should cover it, eh". I say "no I need something worth more than the fare to ensure future payment".

Long story short they began speaking to me with a racist tone "this white guy thinks he is getting paid" followed by laughter. I took a lot of abusive language from the soberest drunk XXXXXX during the negotiation phase of the incident before deciding to get the police involved.

I requested the police at around 2:00am.

Long story short I waited over an hour for the police to arrive and decided to keep the meter running (against my better judgement). When the police arrived the fare was $68.10, of which I owe the company 52 percent of.

The police officer arrives with a student from the Criminal Justice Program. I explain the situation and the officer says "we can not get a warrant to enter the residence if there is a back door". I am not really sure what the back door has anything to do with getting a warrant but I guess maybe they could have escaped the house.

The officer repeatedly knocks on the front door and I knock on the window trying to wake up the passed out XXXXXX piece of shit on the couch.

Anyway, I should have cut my losses at $10 approximately and proceeded to make money during bar rush (which I missed most of) instead of waiting for the police to arrive and not get paid anyway. Not to mention the extra $25 out of pocket I had to pay for keeping the meter running while waiting for the police.

In total after shelling out $35 for the fare I was not paid I lost out on approximately $200 in additional fares. The total loss for me amounted to approximately $140.

I know this story is a bit all over the place; mostly because I am still irate at the entire situation.

During the repeated knocks on the front door by the officer one of the drunk XXXXXX bastard pieces of shit answered the door and now the officer has entry.

To end this post and get to bed the officer ended up arresting XXXXXX and of course I want to press charges after all this bullshit. XXXXXX is off to the drunk tank. I have a blank police statement to fill out and get back to the officer with. I also am expecting a summons to appear in court.

You better believe I will show up in court and plead my case to a judge and ask for the maximum sentence (which I believe could be as high as a $500 fine).

I believe that I now have no recourse to collect on the fare except for perhaps a small claims court judgement.

What a waste of a Saturday night bar rush. I have had enough with these XXXXXX pieces of shit and took a stand in a civil manner. I was more than enthused to ensure vigilanty justice was accomplished but that feat was not undertaken ... yet.


Anonymous said...

Native pieces of shit right well dont pick them up then. I used 2 work at the shelter 40% of the people that stay their are white and the worst ones are white pissing themselves,now thats some shit 2 clean up

taxiguy said...

Shit Happens


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