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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Two accidents in one day

Both were pretty minor at speeds between 3-10km/hr.

Accident 1 : I hit a curb. I looked ahead at the sidewalk and it had a rounded edge. Where I tried to park and pull up on the sidewalk a bit it was square so I hit it with the front end and caused paint and minor body damage. I wrote up an accident report and the company pretty much said because I was honest about reporting it they would not make me pay for the damage (hurray!).

Accident 2 : I stopped behind a vehicle at the Roadhouse and the vehicle in front of me reverses and the back end of the other vehicle clears the front end of the taxi and is now in the wrong lane when he swings the front end of his vehicle right into the front of the taxi. Bang. No real time to react to that one (not really sure what he was trying to do either).

The funny thing about accident 2 is last night I flagged the owner of the car who hit me from University Drive. He gets in and tells me he has to go to a certain bar. He proceeds to tell me how he just fucked this woman and bolted from her place when she went into the bathroom. I can only imagine the woman coming out of the bathroom to find her "date" gone. I have no reason not to believe his story. He recognizes me and tells me about the accident from the week before and wants to settle. I passed on the new info to the owners.

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