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Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Negotiation

I flagged a trip from Ezzies tonight and three young women get in the cab. I could tell from their accents that they were foreigners but never did find out where they were from. The conversation went pretty much like this:

Girls: We want to go to Boss Hogs (the newest country bar in town).

Me: Boss Hogs it is (and start driving).

Girls: Has anyone ever given you a blow job while driving a cab

Me: Well not exactly (for lack of anything better to say and to see where the conversation went)

Girls: What about a hand job? Is there anything we can do for you to get a free ride?

Me: There are lots of things you could probably do.....

Girls: What if we all show you our boobs?

Me: That might work

...One of the three girls said she wanted no part in showing her breasts to me. But the other two said they would and seemed enthused about it...

Girls: So if us two show you our tits you will give us a free ride?

Me: If I can take a picture

Girls: No, you can not take a picture but I will let you feel them (she sat up and started rubbing my chest and said "see, just like this"

Me: Ok I guess I could go for something like that

So we arrive at the bar and the two girls pull down their low cut tops and give me full viewing pleasure. I never went for a feel until she said it was ok (lets not forget these are my customers and I do try to be a gentleman lol). I did as was told and fondled the girls breasts.

All in a days work and the total fare the girls would have had to pay $5.50.

They were not drunk as far as I could tell and were just looking for a little excitement. I think I got most of the excitement out of that one.

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taxitalk said...

my stuff

don't touch the girls, sounds like you're asking for some trouble down south there, dude i like the blog, you record them don't you? man i'm going to lethbrige to get a ride with you, is it a good time, the whore gave you a bonner, hahahaha stay safe


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