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Sunday, March 1, 2009

LethbridgeXXXXXX Poser

I picked up a couple of guys from the XXXXXX tonight and one of the males asked if he could charge the trip to the Lethbridge XXXXXX.

The Lethbridge XXXXXX do have an account with us but I have never picked up any player from a bar before. I was a little suspicious.

I don't follow the WHL that much but I knew the XXXXXX were not playing at the XXXXXX center tonight.

I called him on it and he said had come back from Medicine Hat. Another driver told me the game was in Swift Current. He then said his name was Max XXXXXX and he was injured and was not on the road with the team.

He was somewhat convincing but I declined to allow him to charge the trip to the XXXXXX because he did not have player ID, not to mention the players I have taken before always have there own charge slips.

I told him I would give him a receipt (which I did) and he could try to claim the trip with the team. He was not very happy about it.

I got home just a few minutes ago and looked up the player Max XXXXXX on the Lethbridge XXXXXX website and found that he was listed on the official roster lineup in Swift Current and received a major fighting penalty in the second period.

I am glad I called you on your authenticicy you piece of shit. How could you have possibly played a hockey game in Swift Current, come back to Lethbridge and get completely smashed, when the actual Lethbridge XXXXXX play the Regina XXXXXX tonight in Regina (my home town by the way).

I would call you a complete dumbass if you hadn't almost fooled me. Also the picture of the real Max XXXXXX was not you.

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