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Monday, March 2, 2009

Suspicious Death

The police released a statement that they had found a 66 year old body in down town Lethbridge at around 4 am Saturday morning. That statement conflicts somewhat with my story I had posted earlier.

It was not until 4:34 am (according to my phone record) that I informed the police that the body was there. It took me literally seven minutes to explain exactly where he was, partly because I left the scene but I still knew where he was, he wasn't going anywhere.

It turns out the man was XXXXXX from the shelter (name not yet released). I don't know his last name but I have taken him on numerous trips in the past year or so.

I know that XXXXXX has a walker but I definitely did not see one when I found him laying motionless in the snow. It now sounds like the police are treating the death as suspicious and foul play has not been ruled out pending an autopsy.

There was a surveillance camera on a building about a block away from where he died and it was pointed directly at the scene. I wonder if that offered police any clues. I was also suspicious knowing that Frank relied heavily on his walker and how or why would he have chosen to maneuver through the uneven terrain where a building was recently demolished? Doesn't make sense does it?

Every time I saw XXXXXX with any of his so called friends or family from the shelter they always were trying to take advantage of him. It was a disgusting way to treat an elder in my opinion.

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The video camera is there. Look for yourself at 2nd ave and scenic downtown on top of the adjacent building West of the Castle Apartment Complex. The video camera is white in color and is very visible to the naked eye.

I removed the video in this post and replaced it with a picture, now you can at least see that the video camera is there.

These pictures, also taken 48 hours after the fact show the type of terrain he would have been walking through unless his body was dumped there. Also the snow melted since I discovered him and took these photos. He was pretty much laying where the white object is on the bottom right of the darker photo with the building in view. His head was closest to the sidewalk with his legs furthest from the sidewalk. This would suggest that he did not fall while walking on the sidewalk.

I have seen XXXXXX with his walker and there is no way he could have maneuvered this terrain by himself, but maybe he tried. I will certainly never know for sure. I hope the police can figure it out and that the autopsy provides some details.

Rest In Peace XXXXXX.

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