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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Special Mention

Most crack whores occupy 5th street S. There is a newer girl that has been working 5th ave and 6th st S. She is a decent looking XXXXXX girl (for now) and I have had suspicions that she is an undercover police officer although I have seen a man in a grey civic drop her off there. Who knows.


Anonymous said...

I think I've seen this woman before. Not bad looking at all, blond I think? Almost to good looking to be a crack whore in Lethbridge... you might be on to something about her being a cop or something though.

taxiguy said...

Yes she is blond. I have seen her most of the time wearing tight red leather pants, which is odd because I have always thought of tight leather pants to be difficult to remove. Maybe she only gives blowjobs for cash, or most likely as we both believe she is an undercover cop.

I have always wanted to interview a prostitute but I think that would be a bad idea. Imagine getting caught trying to ask some honest questions (Which I am willing to pay to hear) and getting busted by a cop. The excuse of "I just wanted to interview her" would not sit well with the officer.


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