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Monday, March 16, 2009

Homeless Person/ Fucked Up XXXXXX... Hand In Hand...

It is quite obvious to me that somebody is sleeping underneath this makeshift "tent", if you will.

The sad part is that the shelter is a block away and most likely this individual was banned from the shelter for not abiding by the Lethbridge Shelter rules, which I believe are very basic and have assumed the following to be the rules of entry into the Lethbridge Shelter...

1. If you ingest Lysol do not come to the shelter.
2. If you drink mouthwash do not come to the shelter.

Rambling on... my first trip from March 15, 2009 was from the hospital. If I could have refused the trip upon arrival I would have but I am unsure about the regulations.... blah blah blah. I knew the trip was on a charge account with our company and most likely was going to the shelter (9.25 times out of 10.00)

I arrived at the Emergency entrance to the Lethbridge Chinook Regional Hospital and immediately found my "customer". He was in a wheelchair and I asked him if I could offer any assistance, not knowing the full extent of his disability.

Long story short this 72 year old XXXXXX had pissed himself, it was quite clear from front and back while trying to load his drunken ass. I am glad the security assisted him into the taxi. When I say glad I mean if they had not I would have left him on the emergency ambulance loading ramp to get run over.

I took his bleeding pissed soaked ass to the shelter and practically carried him into the doors.

On a random note I picked up a young XXXXXX individual last night that actually had a job, good for you buddy.

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