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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Guy is Oblivious he has Gay Porn Playing in his Vehicle While Driving - VIDEO

I was driving a buddy home from work today when I spotted this guy, he had two video screens in his suv playing hard core porn while driving down Mayor Magrath. At first I thought it was straight porn it looked like a guy spreading a woman’s ass apart and licking her anus.

We pulled up beside him and he looked at us just staring at him giving him the thumbs up and laughing. He didn't seem to know why.

I busted out the video camera for some proof of the incident and while filming it turned out this guy was playing hard core gay porn inside his suv clearly visible to anyone.

Not sure if one of his buddies was pranking him or something or maybe he just left the gay porn DVD in the player. Either way check out this quick vid (had to separate for 100mb max blogger video)

Waning: strong sexual hard core gay content (face sitting / bareback anal). Check out his custom license plate in second clip maybe you know this guy. It appeared that he was alone in the vehicle and was unaware of what he was broadcasting to the world.

 I ended up uploading it to YouTube for better quality but it will likely be removed as usual.

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