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Monday, March 28, 2011

The Scam...

Updated April 24, 2011.

This story was all about mispricing at local convenience stores. Most notably the Mac's convenience stores and the Shell Station. I believe that people have been paying more then the sticker price for common conveinience store items such as a pack of gum and a drink.

I have confronted the owners of the Mac's on 6th Ave. and the Shell on Scenic Drive for their what I consider malicious behavior and they did eventually change their sticker price to reflect the true cost of their product so I did not pursue this further.

I promise more taxi related stories in September of 2011.

As of this moment I am pissed right off that a local businessman has been misleading consumers and falsifying prices in order to mislead consumers to make a profit.

I called him out on his falsified prices last week where an argument ensued between him and I where he admitted there was a mistake (or rather that he was ripping people off).

I plan on bringing the video camera with me today to expose this business for what it does best... ripping off consumers with misleading/falsified pricing.

I have given this business fair warning and unless there have been any changes in the last week I will feel zero remorse for exposing this business as the con artist thieves that they are.

I am certain a video is coming soon.


reverend said...

OMG! You can't have like a soap opera cliffhanger here. More gory details! And I don't think I can wait til September for more taxi stories. If I can't live vicariously through someone elses stories it means I might have to get a life of my own. Not an option.

taxiguy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

I think he was paying you as compliment dude.

taxiguy said...

I assumed he was sarcastically telling people to get a life for comming here. I am not sure so I removed my comment.

taxi rider said...

no probable gust a folower and a fan of your blog

Anonymous said...

Taxiguy, you have a lot of fans! I miss your posts.

Anonymous said...

Please post more :(

Anonymous said...

More stories soon please! I get such a laugh out of them.

taxiguy said...

I said September of 2011. I highly doubt there will be anything sooner.

Check back then.


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