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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Saturday Night

Billy Talent played the Enmax tonight. It was busy but not nearly sold out.

XXXXXX was busy with their Beach Bash event. Lots of scantily clad women and even a few scantily clad guys.

People seemed to be everywhere downtown tonight and I was in high demand, especially when the bars started closing.

Picked up a guy from the Westside looking to score a prostitute (and not for the first time). I drove him around downtown and he found a potential cantidate but he said he would rather jerk himself off than fuck her. I definately agreed with him on that one. The fat white whore he found was not much better looking but he was getting desperate at this point. I was waiting outside of the XXXXXX ms and he was outside looking for a prostitute. It took him less than five minutes. I recorded the majority of the trip and will post it for a limited time within the next few days. It really isn`t anything special. Just a guy looking to get laid by a local prostitute. Because he picked her up on the street outside of the car I didn`t hear any of the details. When she got in the car she was talking about all the times that she had gotten drunk in the last few days. I imagine when she said she was getting drunk she was really talking about her other tricks.

The XXXXXX was robbed tonight. This is the gas station that I always fill up at because they give us a discount on gas. It was closed at the time I went to fill up pending the police investigation. From what I heard the female clerk was held at knife point or at least threatened with a knife, the robbers made off with $500 cash. I feel pretty bad because I have gotten to know some of these people and this woman had only worked there for about a week, maybe two.

XXXXXX and XXXXXX were packed as expected.

I picked up a couple older guys from the XXXXXX tonight. They told me they had just bought the Dominion Fruit warehouse accross the street from XXXXXX and XXXXXX. It is basically an old run down warehouse that I am sure has not been in operation for quite some time. Anyway they told me they were planning on renovating the space to allow for a new restaurant and bar. The only thing they were concerned about was obtaining a liquor liscence.

I have my doubts about these guys but they did seem legit, mentioning some of the bars they have owned in the past... mostly in Medicine Hat where I have lived previously.

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