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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Last Trip Saturday Night - Looking for Hookers

"This entire story is fictitious and is completely made up and nothing of the sort would ever occur in Lethbridge, this story was written from characters in my dreams and is a compilation of events from my imagination and fantasies."

I flagged a trip at the XXXXXX on Saturday night at 3:15am. There were only a handful of people at the bar at the time. I was parked on the street near the entrance of the bar and decided after a few minutes that no one was interested in my services so I started to reverse back onto the street when this guy finally did flag me and got in the car.

I am almost sure that I have taken this guy on a similar trip before but cannot be sure.

He gets in and says he wants to go to XXXXXX. I agreed and asked for a deposit on the fare (as I have mentioned in previous posts I always ask for a deposit for out of town fares, XXXXXX is a little different for me and I do not normally ask unless there is only one or maybe two people, (getting ripped off for $40 is not a good end to the night)).

So I got some cash up front and this guy decides he needs to get laid tonight and because of his lack of success at the "meat market" he is now willing to pay for sex.

We started cruising downtown looking for hookers and he spotted one immediately, he picked her up off the street in front of the XXXXXX Main Entrance and we went to the XXXXXX Bank so he could get some cash.

So the crack whore and this guy want to get some crack, I am pretty sure he gave her $100 and was worried that she was going to take off with his money so he asked her to leave her jacket while she went to buy the crack from what appeared to be the only small apartment between 12 and 13 street South on the South side of the street.

I was surprised that he only waited for ten minutes before telling me to continue on and "Fuck this Bitch", I thought maybe at least five more minutes would have been more appropriate but what do I know.

So we are cruising down 5th street again at around 3:40am and spot another hooker, we drive by but he is not interested, he says "Man if you wouldn't fuck her keep driving" I said "ok" (knowing that I would NEVER fuck any of these street whores).

So there were no other hookers around at this point and he asked me to pull over beside the rather large XXXXXX prostitute in front of the XXXXXX downtown, as soon as I stopped he asked me to take off, she was going to be a last resort for this guy.

I again started driving and figured he might find a girl around XXXXXX (XXXXXX) downtown. There was a girl standing outside the store, we pulled up and he asks her is she wants to party, she was hesitant. She went into the store to get some stuff, when she came back she opened the door and he said something and she surprisingly decided not to come along.

So he wrote this girl off and we continued looking for hookers, with his moderate success it just seemed like a matter of time before this guy found what he was looking for.

After driving around for a few minutes I suggested he try to find the other girl that was apprehensive at XXXXXX and perhaps alter his approach (I offered a couple suggestions).

We spotted her on 6th Ave South and 5th Street and I pulled over, she got in this time, she said she was just looking for a ride and they got to talking, he was flashing his cash all over this bitch.

She said she was not a street walker and had never done this sort of thing before (I have never seen her before but she did look rough, and very thin). I drove them to the XXXXXX (XXXXXX 4th street South).

I am unsure of whether he gave this whore money for cocaine but that is what she was supposed to come back with. We waited for 25 minutes in total parked outside of this apartment complex.

It appeared that multiple drug deals were going on at this place. After the guy in the truck parked down the street and got out of his car to meet two other males on the corner the deal must have been made because after that people were coming and going like crazy.

I forgot to mention when we arrived on the scene these two freaks were fucked up on something and were all over getting a ride someplace but it ended peacefully.

I was scared because above the North Entrance to this building is appeared as though two individuals were keeping watch as people came and went, every time I looked up at them it seemed like they were staring at us. I don't know what these drug dealers are capable of, fuck maybe they wanted to rob this guy because of all the cash he was showing this girl, why not rob me while they are at it.

So after around 25 minutes of waiting this guy decides to leave and get cigarettes at the XXXXXX store. I figured he had enough of waiting for another girl when he decides to go back there. I was surprised that she was actually standing on the corner when we got back there and she was asking him where he went.

She got in the car and asked "whose jacket is this" (it was the previous hookers jacket that this guy thought took off with his crack money), he says "it's your now" and she asked him if he wanted to come inside, he did and that was the end of the trip.

I actually enjoyed this trip, just a young decent looking working man trying to get fucked. Also I am absolutely against the sex trade in any way shape or form, although I like to observe and know it exists.

I know the Police like to bust the big fish drug dealers but if they are ever bored this is probably a good place to start, just from my observation.


Anonymous said...

The cops are very aware of the female drug dealer who lives in this apt building. She is an informant for them so they let her be...pretty disgusting if you ask me considering she has young teens working for her

taxiguy said...

How do you know that the police have an informant in this building?


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