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Monday, March 8, 2010

Weekend Randoms...

Unedited - Some of the notable trips I remember

Picked up the same crack whore who had the crutches a couple weeks back.

She gets in and says "hey, what’s up, so do you want me to rub your balls?" I obviously declined. I asked her where she wanted to go and asked if she had money to pay me. She said her man was going to pay. He got in the cab two minutes later. Seriously what were you going to do jerk me off for two minutes until your pimp or john arrived in the cab, you are much more of a whore than I thought.

So they want to go to the shelter, I asked the guy for a deposit on the fare. He had cash and gave me a 20 dollar deposit. He would not stop bitching about how he is a regular customer and he shouldn't have to give a deposit and on and on. You are with a known prostitute and you are going to the shelter from the Westside and you expect me to give you the benefit of the doubt that you can pay me at the end of the trip. I don't think so.

She was sitting in the front with me and he was in the back. He started feeling her up and they were making out and what not, right beside me. It was disgusting, I can only imagine how many men this whore is with every day and this guy thought he was king shit. We stopped to get beer from the liquor store and they were planning on partying in the shelter where he was going to fuck her.

Ripped off for $16 bucks. I should have known better. I flagged these two losers from XXXXXX Saturday Night at around 1:00 AM. They were very intoxicated and could not provide me with a correct address on the Westside. That was my clue to check for cash and I decided to give these guys the benefit of the doubt. The thing that pissed me off the most was that I had to stop on Columbia Boulevard for the two assholes to have their emergency piss outside of the car. I ended up paying money out of my own pocket for these fucks to enjoy their long awaited pee. We ended up going to the XXXXXX Bank a block away, I told them it was closed and they insisted. The one guy woke up from his passed out state and bolted, followed by his buddy, I didn't have a chance on this one. I drove around the area looking for them and gave up on my search. I almost enjoy the pursuit and at times give chase on foot for a little excitement.

I picked up this woman and the conversation went pretty much like this:

Me: "Hey how's it going?"

Her: "I am good; I'm going to a party"

Me: "That’s cool, what kind of a party are you going to?"

Her: "Oh just a party where they show you stuff"

Me: "Oh a Passion Party!"

Her: "Yeah that’s what I didn't want to say"

Me: Laughing and her blushing "It's all good"

So we arrive at the house and it must have been the organizer that was unloading her suitcases full of dildos and other sex toys when I said "There's the suitcase full of goodies, I hope you have a good time tonight"

It was priceless, you really had to be there.

I picked this guy up from the Police Station and he had just received a DUI charge after he crashed his truck on the highway. He said it was all good because he was from BC and because he was in Alberta he would not lose his licence. LOL, I don't think so, if you are charged with a DUI in Canada, it does not matter where you are licensed, YOU WILL LOSE YOUR DRIVERS LISCENCE, in fact they probably ripped it in half on the spot you moron. I know you were still drunk and you mentioned you could not even remember where you were driving too, but after the crash your buddy wanted you to leave the scene with him. I hate to say it but that might have been your best option at the time, since no other vehicles were involved.

The Pro Bull Riding was a huge success this weekend and the Enmax Center was packed Saturday night. A nice increase in revenue for many local businesses. By 10:15PM XXXXXX had a line up, likely equivalent to their capacity, well into the parking lot.

My court date has been set for June XX for the traffic ticket I was issued. I have been trying to familiarize myself with the law and court proceedings to better defend myself.

Other then bar rush demand has declined for taxis and will continue to decline into the summer months. I know this for a fact and gave notice that my services will no longer be provided as of a certain date. My plan is to look for a more career oriented position and possibly continue driving a taxi (as my own business) as more of a hobby in the future.


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