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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Disgruntled Rant

I was having a bad day even before arriving for work.

My first trip of the night was a drunken bum going to the shelter, he had cash so I took the trip. My next few trips were grocery runs and seniors going to bingo, I hate grocery and bingo trips with a passion. I could never work days and was looking forward to some decent drunk people to drive around.

I was sent for a trip at XXXXXX South and this guy gets in and he could not provide me with a correct address. All he told me was 1229, I kept asking him "1229 what?", he had no clue of what was going on, I sat with this fuck for five minutes while he was trying to remember where he lived. He could not remember and apologized and went back into the bar.

I was greeted by a (former?) prostitute and her new boyfriend with a "hey I remember you, what’s going on" (like we are buddies or something), fuck off with that shit, just say hello and please do not pretend that we are buddies, I may be cool with your drug dealing shit out of the XXXXXX Cage but I am not interested in the facts. You may enjoy having me as your driver but I certainly do not enjoy having you as a customer, your boyfriend/pimp complimented me on driving fast and knowing where I was going... hell ya I want to get you out of my fucking car as soon as possible.

D12 was somewhat of a bust in my opinion, as was the cabaret at the exhibition. The bars seemed slow but maybe because I was kept busy with random calls else ware in the city.

My customers ordered 8 XXXXXX at the XXXXXX at 3:30 in the morning, they wanted seven with no tomatoes and1 with tomatoes. Apparently XXXXXX is out of tomatoes on a chain wide basis and they even posted a sign in the drive thru apoligizing for not having any tomatoes. One of my customers was furious and demanded a discount of the one XXXXXX that he wanted tomatoes on, he argued with the manager at the drive through window relentlasely. She asked me to park around the corner while they prepared the order, which is unusual because we were the only people in the drive through. The lesson is don't fuck with he lady at the XXXXXX 24 drive through because I am almost 100 percent sure they fucked with your food, I would have.
Picked up at the XXXXXX at two something in the morning. The entire way to the Westside they were arguing, it was her birthday and she wanted to get fucked and she was pissed off that he was stirring some other girls drink, he said she was dissing him the entire night and on and on. The guy asked me at one point which side I was on, I said "you had problems before getting in so I have no opinion". We had to stop at a bank machine on the West Side when this guy had enough and got out of the car, slammed the door, and left. They were arguing about money and how she takes care of his kid and does his laundry and how she shouldn't have to get a job and the money he brings in is insufficient.
I took this girl through the ATM drivethrough (backwards) and I pulled right up next to the machine and she decides to get up on her knees and spread her camel toe in my face through her tight fitting black spandex whatever pants they were, while using the machine.
I will stop this post here becuase I am getting off topic of being pissed off/disgruntled.

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