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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Weekend Randoms...

Unedited Post.

Stopped outside of XXXXXX to get offsales and this guy came up asking for a ride. I said "sorry man I am already on a trip" and he said "oh so am I my man, I am trippin hard". He was unable to comprehend that I already had passengers. He must have been on drugs just by looking at him. I hate when people want to grab offsale from XXXXXX at 2:30am because the bar is letting out and there many people approaching me asking for a ride. I am forced to sit in front of the bar while people are trying to find a ride home and I continously have to explain that I am already hired. Some people get pretty pissed off.

Sean Paul played at the Exhibition, I believe it was a sold out show.

I picked up this couple from downtown and they mentioned they had seem Prizm tonight. I asked if they went to Calgary (assuming the concert was there). The said they never went to Calgary and the concert was at XXXXXX. I though that was a big name act that would not be in Lethbridge, maybe in the 80's I guess.

The International Peace Pow Wow or whatever it is called was in Lethbridge last night, I had a group that I assumed was associated with the event. Picked these three middle aged men from the Casino and took them downtown to get offsale and then to XXXXXX and the XXXXXX. Very respectful the entire trip. I am going to start capitalizing XXXXXX  from now on out of respect because as of the last few months I am really starting to see that perhaps I was wrong in my labelling and even racism towards a certain culture.

Drunk young cowboys going to XXXXXX. They were beyond control and very drunk. All the way to the bar they were yelling at each other as well as every vehicle and pedestrian that we passed. The one guy thought it was a good idea to open his window and start riding the cab like it was a bull. He was hollering and waving his hat in the air. I hate to say it but I wish that he had fallen out of the car. Maybe not these guys were alright, just trying to have a good time. At a light we were stopped at they were looking for trouble and yelling at every one in sight and this kid (maybe 15 or 16) decided to moon us from the car his buddy was driving. It set the one cowboy off and he wanted to scrap with this kid right then and there.

Picked up this lesbian women that was telling me how she had to break off the relationship of watching The Bachelour with her ex-girlfriend and sleeping over because she had found another lesbian lover.

Made a few contacts this weekend that could possibly provide me with a more career oriented job. I have decided I will not drive a taxi this summer and am looking for something else.

Was sent for Tony at XXXXXX Tattooz. I arrived and he said he had to wait for his friend to finish getting his tattoo. I asked him how long and he said five minutes. I said ok and he went into the XXXXXX Pub. I waited and waited and this girl came out and asked me what was up. Long story short Tony had no friend that was getting a tattoo and I think he wanted me to wait while he was drinking a beer or two in the pub. It was early in the evening and I waited. He finally gets in the car after I tell him I am not waiting any longer and wants to get a pizza somewhere. I drove him to XXXXXX and he wanted me to wait again while he went into the store and ordered his pizza. I said I would, but as soon as he was out of sight I just wrote off the trip and left him there. I don't care that I was not paid the $3.10, I was not about to wait a half hour for you to get your pizza. Fuck Off.

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