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Monday, February 22, 2010

Emptied Stomach

This guy flagged me outside of XXXXXX this weekend and he wanted to go to the West Side. I started driving and after some small talk I knew this guy was wasted.

At the next light I heard him burp/hiccup. I asked him if he was ok and the next thing he did was roll down the window and let it all out. It was literally a stream of fluid projecting itself from his stomach as far as it could go. His puking continued sporadically throughout the trip.

I really could have cared less at that moment because I wanted to go home and he was making a good effort to puke outside the car. There was some stomach debris left on the inside of the door. I went to a car wash and hosed it down and dried the door after.

I am surprised at how casual I was about it. I must be accustomed to the job. He was respectful and so was I. I am always weary when there is only one person in the car with me no matter what the circumstances. The more people there are the less likely things are going to go wrong.


Anonymous said...

Found your site today. Entertaining. You on twitter?

taxiguy said...

No I have never used twitter.


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