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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Weekend Randoms...

Mr. XXXXXX from the XXXXXX College. You have my utmost respect and I enjoyed our conversation more then you know (even though you did most of the talking).

This person is confined to a wheel chair (but was able to stand on his own), I do not make it a point to ask about any persons physical disabilities but this guy had his business in order. He mentioned to me that he was the music coordinator for the XXXXXX College basketball and volleyball teams and was also a journalist, he said he was a consultant for certain advertising campaigns and has been involved at a producer level of a local radio broadcasting service.


A young man and woman flagged me outside of XXXXXX. All they were trying to do was find a place to fuck. They could not go to her house because she lived with her dad and they could not go to his place because he someone stole his jacket with his keys in it. They gave me five bucks and left. I hope you found a place to have sex, maybe the bar washroom?

I saw Grant Imuhara (sp?) from the Mythbusters at the Lethbridge County Airport and was wondering what the hell he was doing in Lethbridge. He was picked up in a BMW crossover. That would have been an interesting trip for me because I am a fan of the show. About twenty minutes later I heard on the radio that the Mythbusters (crew) were giving a show/presentation at the UofL.


The bars were busy tonight and I had a few interesting flags out of XXXXXX tonight. XXXXXX has seen business increase at least 60% since (and before) the XXXXXX officially closed and I have never seen XXXXXX that busy.


Sarah you were cool but I felt like strangling your fucking friend while he was leaning across you at the end of the trip yelling as loud as he could in my fucking face "do you like it, what, yeah" and on and on, I wanted to grab him and well...I had maybe five people in the car and there just happend to be one duesch bag.

My personal space, as very limited as it is in a cab has been invaded on many occations, but I am pissed right off that I waited more than ten minutes for you fuckers during bar rush only to have your severely drunken native friend pass out and fall over into my lap and spreading his druel all over. Fuck you. All the loose coin you game me was insufficient to cover the fare and I hope you had fun with your Gay buddy for the night who could not even stand on his own.

A similar thing happened with a woman tonight. She was only leaning on my shoulder and was not completely fucked like you were, not to mention she was not druling on over me. XXXXXX.... something, never again. From the very end of XXXXXX on the right.


Interesting folks from the Cabaret at CC High School.


I could go on and on but have had enough and need some sleep.


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