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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Lost Beer Leads To Street Fight

I picked this guy up again this weekend and he was trying to scrap his brother all he way to his grandmothers house. I was looking for the video and I must have removed it, here is the original post and from at least a year prior to this posting.

I flagged a trip from the XXXXXX and two XXXXXX males and a women get in the cab. They want to get off sale beer from XXXXXX.

We arrive at the bar and there is a huge line to get liquor and it takes them approximately half an hour to come back with liquor at a cost of $20 for me to wait. I ask them to put the beer in the trunk and they do. They all get in and decide they do not want to leave yet. One of the males started bitching at me that I made him put his beer in the trunk and he wanted me to open the trunk so he could get his beer back.

So he takes his beer and they start trying to pick up girls. They finally came back and I started driving away. I asked them what they did with the beer and they thought it was in the trunk. I pulled over and they looked in the trunk and there is no beer.

We start driving back to the bar so they can get more beer or find the beer they bought before and they realize it is closed and tell me to drive to their house. About a block away from the bar they start arguing and one of the males wants out of the car. I pull over and the other male tells me to wait because he is going to beat the other guy up.

That is exactly what happened, the guy got beat up for losing the beer.

I thought it was absolutely hilarious because they had the beer in the trunk, got mad at me for making them put it there, took the beer out of the trunk, and lost it.

So they started fighting in the middle of 4th street between 2nd and 3rd ave S. Throughout the entire trip the woman in the back seat was passed out cold. It turned out the woman was related to both the men. She was a wife to one and a sister to the other.

Here is an amature edited video of some of the fight followed by our conversation afterward.


Video removed from site.


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