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Monday, February 15, 2010

Older Guy

I was sent to the XXXXXX on Mayor Magrath and Fourth Avenue to pick up a regular customer. This older gentleman is friendly and I have never had any problems with him until tonight.

I am unsure whether he had too much to drink or has some sort of disability (or a combination of both) because when he opened the door to the car he fell hard to the ground and could not get up. I immediately got out of the car to offer assistance.

He was unable to get up on his own and I tried to lift him with little success. This guy weighs at least 250 pounds and with no support from him I just could not get him into the car. I tried numerous times to get him to stand on his own and he was unable to use his legs at all to help me.

I told him I could not lift him and needed someone to help me. I left him there on the cold ground while I went into the Legion looking for help. I went into the lobby and was hoping the front desk guy could help me, one look at him and I knew he was not going to be able to help me lift this guy because he was handicapped himself. I looked around and everyone else was elderly also. I told the guy my situation and he found his manager who came out and helped me lift this guy into the front seat.

I really felt bad for this guy. He was embarrassed that he could not stand on his own. I helped him into his house and he was very thankful. I am thankful to the guy at the Legion who helped me get him into the car in the first place. THANK YOU.

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