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Monday, February 1, 2010

Had Enough?

Random Rant/

Someone asked me today "what made you want to become a taxi driver?"

I really had to think about this question and I have a response:

-Better pay than my last job
-I thought it would be interesting (it has been)
-Meeting new people
-Discovering the city

Reasons why I should no longer continue after two years:

-Less money
-Less benefits
-Not carreer oriented, unless you want to drive a taxi for the rest of your life
-I have additional qualifications such as a XXXXXX Diploma in XXXXXX with a major in XXXXXX, not to mention continuing towards a University Degree.
- I am tired of dealing with certain customers (often on a weekly basis)
-Cleaning up some one elses puke (rarely)
-Worrying about having to clean up after someone (often)
-The complete lack of respect some people give me

My reasoning should tell me to quit... but I just can not do that right now for reasons unknown to me. Perhaps it is the attraction of what might happen next that keeps me around, something interesting is bound to happen eventually and quite often something interesting does occur.

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nice post. thanks.


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